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December 8, 1999 Contact: (212-481-1500)
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James Zogby, Anti-Israel Extremist, Declares: Arabs Shouldn't Normalize Relations With Israel
        NEW YORK-   Pro-Arab lobbyist James Zogby, head of the
Arab-American Institute, has publicly urged the Arab nations to refrain
from normalizing relations with Israel--thus further shattering the myth
that Zogby is "moderate" or "seeks peace with Israel".
        The web site ArabicNews.Com reports (December 2, 1999) that Zogby
told the Moroccan daily Al-Alam that "a drive towards normalization of
relations with Israel" would be "dangerous."
        Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of
America (ZOA) said:  "Those who have claimed that Zogby and his Arab
American Institute are 'moderate' will now see the truth: Zogby is deeply
hostile to Israel and does not want the Arab world to establish normal
relations with the Jewish State, despite the Oslo process and the sweeping
concessions that Israel has made to the Palestinian Arabs."
        In previous statements, Zogby said (in 1997) it was time "for the
Arab League to reinvigorate its stand on the boycott" against Israel.
(Jordan Times, May 21, 1997);  Zogby accused Israeli Prime Minister Shimon
Peres of "state sponsored terrorism" by striking at Hezbollah terrorists in
Lebanon (Forward, Dec. 12, 1997);  Zogby hailed Hezbollah as "the Lebanese
armed resistance." (Forward, December 12, 1997);  and during the 1982
Lebanon war, Zogby called Israel "Nazis" and denounced Israel's
anti-terrorist actions as "a Holocaust." (Anti-Defamation League report).  

        Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League has accused Zogby of
"crude anti-Semitism." (Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 18, 1999)  An essay
by Middle East expert Yehudit Barsky, in the December 1998 issue of the
scholarly journal Middle East Quarterly (December 1998) concluded that
Zogby is "an extremist" and his "seeming pragmatism is only an image to
further his own political purposes."
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