Source of members names: From 1930 until 1990 members' names were published in the Society journal as they joined or became fellows. These sources are shown as a journal abbreviation followed by the year in which the person entered the Society, e.g., ER 1942. (ER = Eugenics Review; Bulletin of the Eugenics Society; B&S; = Biology and Society). The Eugenics Review at times listed all the officers and members of the council. These sources are also shown as a journal abbreviation followed by a date. The Society is a corporation and its directors are listed in its annual reports deposited in Company House (CH). In 1937 the Society published a list of members in its Annual Report (ESAR 1937). In 1957 the Society published a list of members in the Eugenics Review (ER 1957). A list of members compiled in 1977 was deposited in the Welcome Archives (1977 list). Deaths of members were sometimes noted in obituaries in the Society journals (Obit + journal abbreviation and date). Other sources are as specified.

Cadbury, Mrs. Barrow

Southfield, 40 Edgbaston Park Rd, Birmingham 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Personal: Geraldine Southall; DBE 1937; m. Barrow Cadbury (Barrow Cadbury; b. 1862; Chmn. Cadbury Bros. Ltd. 1922-32; Chmn., British Cocoa and Chocolate Co. 1918-32) Pubns:
Young Offenders Yesterday and Today. 1939 Source: ESAR 1937; WWW5
Cadbury, Miss G.M. MA
20 Maltese Rd., Chelmsford 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Cadbury, Mr. George Woodall MA
Oakville, Ont., Canada L6J 4B7
Eugenics Society Fellow 1965, 1977
Personal: b. 1907; son of George Cadbury (who was the brother of Laurence John Cadbury q.v.); educ. King's College, Cambridge "personal pupil of John Maynard Keynes" (WSW 1990 p. 274; see J.M. Keynes q.v., J.E. Meade q.v.); Director, British Canners 1929-35; Managing Director, Alfred Bird and Sons 1935-45 (see Oliver Bird Trust q.v., Roger Pearson q.v.); Trustee, Bourneville Village Trust 1928-85; Chmn., Econ. Adv. and Planning Bd., Sask., Canada; Director, Technical Assistance Administration, United Nations 1951-60 (Adviser to the governments of Ceylon, Burma, Indonesia, Jamaica, Barbados; see the IPPF newsletter of that time); New Democratic Party of Canada; Hon Director 1961-: Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada, of Hamilton, Ont. and of Toronto.; Chairman Emeritus, Governing Body of International Planned Parenthood Federation q.v. 1975- (Chairman 1969-75, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive 1963-69 and special representative since 1960)
Conurbation. 1942; Essays on the Left.1971; A Population Policy for Canada. 1973
The Oliver Bird Trust was formed with money left to the Eugenics Society by Oliver Bird of the Alfred Bird family. The Oliver Bird Trust formed the CIFC which said that the Pill was `safe', in 1960. The CIFC did the basic research and testing on the safety of oral contraceptives until 1970. (see Marie Stopes q.v.)
Source: ER 1965, 1977 list, WSW 1990
Cadbury, Mr. Laurence John OBE, MA
The Davids, Northfield, Birmingham 1937, 1957
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937 Council 1938-39 V.P. 1951-52 Fellow 1957, 1977
Director, Daily News 1920 (Chmn. 1930-)
Personal: b. 1889; m. 1910; Man. Dir., British Cocoa and Chocolate and Cadbury Bros. 1919-1959; Director, Bank of England 1936-60; Trustee, Bourneville Village Trust
two brothers
Henry and Egbert, also directors of the Daily News
two sons:
1. a director: Bank of England, Cadbury Schweppes, Cadbury Bros., J.S. Fry and Sons 1990
2. CEO Cadbury Schweppes 1984-
George Woodall Cadbury q.v.
Pubns: 1942 43 "Population changes and economics", ER, v. 34, p. 13; Signed "The Case for Voluntary Euthanasia" 1971
Source: ESAR 1937; ER 1938-39, 1951-52, 1957; 1977 list, WSW 1990, Men Behind Hitler
A History of the Cadbury Family. John Crosfield; The Chocolate Conscience. Gillian Wagner; Cadbury Schweppes plc. Simmons (includes a chapter on advertising)
Cadbury, Mr. Paul S. CBE
Low Wood, 32 St. Mary's Road, Harborne, Birmingham
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937, 1957, 1977
Personal: Cadbury Ltd.; 1937 address Priorsfield, 46 Edgbaston Park Rd., Edgbaston, Birmingham
1958-59 "Problem families", ER, v. 50, p. 31
Source: ESAR 1937; ER 1957, 1977 list
Calderon, Dr. Rosario
Eugenics Society Member 1981
Source: Bulletin of the Eugenic Society 1982
Calman, Dr.
Eugenics Society Member 1924
Source: ER 1923-24, p. 643
Camacho, Mr. J. A. OBE
Homestall, Sedlescombe, Battle, Sussex
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957, 1977
Source: ER 1957, 1977 list
Cameron, Dr. Hamish Clark MB, BCh, MRCP, MRC Psych, DPM
Richmond, Surrey
Eugenics Society Fellow 1964, 1977
Personal: educ. Cambridge Univ. MB 1960; DPM, Univ. of London 1968; Child Psychiatrist, St. George's Hosp.; Hon. Consult., Church Adoption Society; Senr. Registrar, Children's Dept., Bethlem and Maudsley Hosp.; House Physician, Hosp. for Sick Children
"Adolescent Sexuality and Chronic Handicap" chp. in Psychosexual Problems, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Modification. 1976
Source: ER 1964, 1977 list, Medical Directory 1985
Campbell, Dr. C.G.
455 Madison Ave., New York, NY, USA 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Personal: Member, AES; praised Nazis; see AES list
Source: ESAR 1937
Campbell, Mr. E.K. BA, MA
Eugenics Society Member 1985
Source: B&S; 1986
Campbell, Col. J.
Eugenics Society Member 1949, 1957, 1977
Source: ER 1949, 1957, 1977 list
Campbell, Mr. J.D.
30 Parkmont Rd., Belfast, Ireland 1937
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937
Source: ER 1937, ESAR 1937
Campbell, Dr. Maurice OBE, MD, FRCP
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1937, 1957
Personal: John Maurice Campbell; b. 1891; d. 1973; son J.E. Campbell FRS; educ. Oxford (Physiology) MA, MB, BCh 1916; MD 1921; Beit Memorial Research Fellow 1923-27; FRCP 1929; M.O., Commercial Union Assurance and Scottish Widows Life Assurance; Cons., Physician, Guys Hosp. 1946 (Phys. i/c Cardiology Dept., Guys Hosp. 1947); ex Pres., British Heart Society 1946; ex Chmn., British Heart Foundation 1946; 25 Upper Wimpole St. London 1937
editor, British Heart Journal 1946
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957, Medical Directory 1937, 1946, 1947
Campbell, Rev. Ronald John MA
Eugenics Society V.P. 1909-11, First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee
Personal: b. 1867; d. 1 March 1956; Oxford; Congregational Minister 1903-15; joined Church of England 1916; DD 1919 (Oxon.); Holy Trinity, Brighton 1924-30; Diocese of Chichester 1929-46
Christianity and the Social Order. 1916 Source: ER 1909-11; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.); WWW5
Camps, Dr. P.W.L. MB, BS, FRCS
Old Udny Cottage, Kingston Lane, Teddington on Thames 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Camrose, (Berry), The Viscountess
Hackwood Park, Basingstoke, Hants
Eugenics Society Member 1931, 1937, 1957
Wm. Ewert Berry, Chmn. of the Daily Telegraph
John Seymour Berry, Dep. Chmn., Daily Telegraph (1939-87) and Director, Daily Telegraph plc 1990
Personal: wife of 1st Viscount Camrose ; b. Mary Agnes Corns, 2 Bolton St., London W.; d. 1962
m. Wm. Ewert Berry
(Wm. Ewert Berry: b. 1879; d. 1954; Editor in Chief, Morning Post; Chmn. of the Daily Telegraph; Editor of the Daily Telegraph 1928-19 54; Editor of the Sunday Times 1915-36; Chmn., Financial Times 1919-45; Chmn., Allied Newspapers 1924-36; Chmn. Amalgamated Press Ltd.; British Newspapers and Their Controllers.)
1. son, John Seymour Berry
(John Seymour Berry; b. 12 July 1909, Dep. Chmn., Daily Telegraph 1939-87; 2nd Viscount Camrose; m. Princess Joan (Yarde-Buller Guinness) Aly Khan 1986)
2. son, Julian Berry
(Julian Berry; Steward of the Jockey Club1970-72)
3. daughter Sheila ; m. 2nd Earl of Birkenhead 1935
Source: ER 1931,1957, ESAR 1937, WSW 1990, WWW, Debretts 1988
Candler, Dr. Arthur Laurence MB, BS, FRCS
Orchard House, Wonford Rd., Exeter 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Personal: MB 1908; FRCS 1912; Surg., Royal Devon and Exmoor Hosp. 1937
"Experimental proof of the value of a mask over the surgeon's mouth", BMJ 1914
Source: ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937
Cann, Mr. Robert John MS, FRCS
101 Harley St., London
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1937, 1957
Personal: MRCS, LRCP 1924; MB 1926; ENT specialist; Guys Hosp. (Ass't. ENT Surg., 1937, Surg. 1947); FRSM
"Hereditary Dis. of Ear", chp. in Chances of Morbid Inheritance. (ed., C.P. Blacker q.v.) 1934
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957; Med Dir 1937, 1947
Canny, Mr. Martin MA, PhD
Eugenics Society Fellow 1963
Source: ER 1963
Cap, Monsieur Leon
Eugenics Society Member 1939
Source: ER 1939
Carew Shaw, Mr. Edward FRCS
94 Harley St., London 1957; Surrey 1993
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957, 1993
Personal: MRCS, LRCP 1926; FRCS 1932; Consult. in ENT Surgery, SW Metropolitan Region Hosp. Bd.; former Surg. Registrar, Throat Hosp., Golden Square; Maj., RAMC; Surg. in charge ENT Dept., Princess Louise Hosp. for Children, Kensington
Source: ER 1957, Medical Directory 1958, 1993
Carew-Shaw, Mr. H. FRCS
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Carlebach, Mr. Julius
Jewish Orphanage, London
Eugenics Society Member 1948, 1957
Source: ER 1948, 1957
Carleton, R.G.
Eugenics Society Member 1964
Source: ER 1964
Carling, Dr. Esther MD (Brux.), LSA, JP (Oxon)
Peppard, Oxon. 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1935, 1937
Personal: MD (Brux) 1896; Tuberculosis Officer, Berks; Chief Medical Officer, Berks and Bucks Joint Sanatorium, Peppard Comm., Oxford 1937-46
Peppard Sanatorium 1898-1938.; "Thirty Years of Sanatorium Life", Lancet 1929
Source: ER 1935, ESAR 1937, Medical Directory 1937, 1946
Carr, Mrs. Griselda MA (Oxon.)
Doncaster, S. Yorks
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: 1977 list
Carr-Saunders, Prof. Sir Alexander M. MA, KBE
Water Eaton Manor, Oxford
Eugenics Society Member 1912- (Fellow 1937, 1957) Council 1920 Director 1937 VP 1936-39 Pres. 1949-53
London School of Economics, Director 1937-56
Personal: b. 1886; d. 1966; Prof. of Social Sciences, Liverpool University 1936; had "no academic experience of the social sciences" when appointed to Charles Booth Chair of Sociology in Liverpool in 1923 (Obit, ER 1967 p. 4)
editor of the Eugenics Review 1922-27; "Eugenics in the Light of Population Trends" Galton Lecture 1935 led to Population Investigation Cttee (D. V. Glass q.v.); Royal Commission on Population (Chmn., Statistics Section). It was said that the Report of the Royal Commission on Population "...compares well with the Brock Committee report as a document almost completely vindicating the Society's policy as presented to these two bodies", comment by C.P. Blacker, ER, Oct. 1949 (both committees were packed with Eugenic Society members); The Population Problem. 1922; World Population. 1936
Source: ER Index p. 167, p. 197, ER Vol. 60 ASP's Hist; ESAR 1937; ER 1957, WWW, CH, Obit ER 1967, p. 4
Carrier, Mr. N.H. MA
London School of Economics
Eugenics Society Fellow 1959, 1977
Source: ER 1959, 1977 list
Carroll, Dr. Dennis MA, MRCS, LRCP
Eugenics Society Member 1948
Source: ER 1948
Carruthers, Dr. George Barry MD
150 Harley St., London
Eugenics Society Fellow 1955, 1957, 1977
Personal: Medical Director, Wimpole St. Medical Centre, 55 Wimpole St. 1985, 1993; 17 Harley St. 1977; Chief Medical Officer, Metropolitan Water Board, London; Medical Officer, Bank of England Printing Works 1958; Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine; Mem., Society for the Study of Fertility
Gen. Ed., Wolfe Medical Atlases; assoc. ed., "Fertility and Sterility", Proc. Fifth World Congress Fertility and Sterility 1967; "Classification of Male Subfertility", Proc. of 7th World Congress Fertility and Sterility. 1972; Infertility. 1981 (jt.), a textbook based on the work of the Royal Northern Hospital Philip Hill Parenthood Clinic.
Source: ER 1955, 1957, 1977 list, Medical Directory 1958, 1985, 1993
Carter, Dr. Cedric Oswald BA, MB
MRC Clinical Genetics Unit, Institute of Child Health, London
Eugenics Society General Secretary 1953-57 Member/Fellow 1941/1957 Editorial Board, ER 1968 V.P. 1970, 1979 Pres. 1972
Founder of clinical genetics and genetic counselling in UK; made genetic counselling part of the National Health Service, using research done with a grant from the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus; Founder, Clinical Genetics Society (First President)
Personal: 1957 address, Orpington, Kent; Abortion Law Reform Association (Advisory Council); Director, MRC Clinical Genetics Unit, Institute of Child Health,30 Guildford St., London, 1977-1980; Member, Marie Stopes Research Fund Cttee. of the Eugenics Society 1977 (= M.S. Research Fund)
Human Heredity.(sold 180,000 copies by 1980); editor, Journal of Medical Genetics
Source: CH; ER Index p. 170; 1977 list; ER 1957; Obit., B&S; 1984; Genetic Prophecy
Background: Genetic Advisory Centres 1983- North East Thames Regional Health Authority Genetic Clinic, Institute of Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormonde St., London
Carter, Miss F.A.
Old Bromton Rd., London
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1952 Fellow 1957, 1977
Source: ER 1952, 1957, 1977 list
Carter, Mr. I.C.
Eugenics Society Member 1987
Source: B&S; 1988
Carter, Mr. J.A.
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Carter, Miss Phyllis M. BA
Charmouth, Dorset
Eugenics Society Member 1950, 1957
Source: ER 1950, 1957
Carter, Mr. R.G. MPS
Schering Chemicals Ltd., Burgess Hill, Suffolk
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Source: 1977 list
Carter, Reginald JP
Shottery Hall, Stratford on Avon 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Carvalho, Miss B. CSMMG
Eugenics Society Member 1933
Source: ER 1933
Carvell, Mr. J.P.
58 Hilders Rd., Leicester 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1935, 1937
Source: ER 1935, ESAR 1937
Casey, Mr. Donn B Agricultural Science
Eugenics Society Fellow 1963
Personal: Agricultural Science
Source: ER 1963
Cassillis, The Countess of
6 Carlton Terrace, Edinburgh 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Cattell, Mr. R.B. PhD
City of Leicester, Education Dept., Newarke St, Leicester 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Personal: member, American Eugenics Society; involved with Beyondism Foundation; see American list for later work
1936-37, "Is national intelligence declining?", ER, v. 28., p. 181; 1936-37 "Views on race and eugenics: propaganda or science?", ER, v. 28, p. 335, (C); 1937 38, "Some further relations between intelligence, fertility and socio economic factors", ER, v. 29, p. 171; The Fight For Our National Intelligence. 1937; 1944-45, "Intelligence and fertility: a plea for research", ER, v. 36, p. 126; 1950-51, "The fate of national intelligence: test of a thirteen year old prediction", ER, v. 42, p. 136; 1963 "The Nature and Measurement of Anxiety", Scientific American, March, 1963, p. 96; 1965 The Scientific Analysis of Personality.
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Cattermole, Mr. F.C.
Eugenics Society Member 1939
Source: ER 1939
Cavalcanti, Dr. A.P.
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Challen, Mrs. J.G.
St. John's Lodge, King Henry's Rd., London NW3, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Chambers, A.D.
Eugenics Society Member 1965
Source: ER 1965
Chambers, Lady Georgina Marie
Lochletter, Balmain by Inverness
Eugenics Society Council 1916 Secretary 1920-29 Subscriber 1926 Fellow 1935, Life Fellow 1937, 1957
Personal: lived in Welwyn Garden City; wife of Theodore Chambers q.v.; 1937 address: 12 Hyde Park Pl., London W2
1932-33 "Sir Bernard Mallett", ER, v. 24, p. 271
Source: ER 1916, 1957, ER Vol. 60, ASP's hist, p. 157; ESAR 1937
Chambers, Mr. Holroyd F.
101 St. Stephen's House, Westminster, London SW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Chambers, Sir Theodore KBE, JP
Balmain by Inverness
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937, 1957
Personal: Mem., Cttee on Garden Cities and Satellite Towns 1925; Chmn: National Savings Cttee 1916-43, Welwyn Garden City Ltd., Peacock and Nilambe Tea and Rubber Estates Ltd., Uganda Co. Ltd.; 1937 address 12 Hyde Park Pl., London W2
Source: ER 1957, WWW
Chambre, Sqd. Ldr. A.C.F. RAF, BSc
Harrow, Middlesex
Eugenics Society Member 1948, 1957
Personal: Flt. Lt. 1948
Source: ER 1948, 1957
Champneys, Mrs.
Eugenics Society Member 1932
Source: ER 1932
Chance, Miss A.C.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1943
Source: ER 1943
Chance, Mrs.
Kitelands, Micheldever Station, Hants 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Chance, Mr. Clinton Frederick
7 The Pryor's, East Heath Rd., Hampstead, London NW3
Eugenics Society Member/ Council 1931/1931 Treasurer 1933-46 Fellow 1937 Director 1939
Personal: d. 1953; Stockbroker, Messrs. Chance and Co.; Director, Caledonian Insurance Co.; funded Margaret Sanger's first clinic; funded Abortion Law Reform Association of the Thirties; 1937 address 199 Piccadilly, London W1
Source: Obit ER 1953-54, 45, 174; ER Vol. 60, ASP's Hist p. 157; ER 1931; ESAR 1937
Chance, Mrs. Janet
Eugenics Society Member
Personal: m. to Clinton Chance q.v.; d. 1953; co-founder 1936 Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA) w/ Alice Jenkins and F.W. Stella Browne q.v.; Member, ALRA for 17 years and supported it financially; Chmn., Sex Education Center
The Cost of English Morals.
Source: Obit ER 1954-55, p. 13
Chance, Mr. M.R.A. PhD, DSc, F I Biol
2 Innage Road, Northfield, Birmingham
Eugenics Society Fellow 1943-44, 1957, 1977
Source: ER 1943-44, 1957, 1977 list
Chance, Mr. P.K.
Five Way Hill, 135 Kambrock Rd., Caulfield, Victoria, Australia 1957
Eugenics Society Member 1937 Fellow 1957, 1977
Personal: 1937 address Ideal House, Argyll St., London W1
Source: ER 1937, 1957; ESAR 1937, 1977 list
Chandrasekhar, Prof. Sirapata MA, M Litt, PhD
Indian Institute for Population Studies, Madras, India
Eugenics Society Hon. Fellow 1954, 1957, 1977
Personal: educ. University of Madras in economics; Prof. of Economics, Annamlai Univ. 1947-50; in charge of UNESCO demography 1948-50; Prof. of Economics, University of Baroda 1950-53; Nuffield Fellow in Indian Demography at the London School of Economics, 1954; Delegate to World Population Conference 1954; New Delhi, Central Family Planning Institute, 1969
India's Population: Fact and Policy. 1946; Census and Statistics in India 1948, 1949 50; "The population problems of India and Pakistan", ER, v. 41, p. 70; Hungry People, Empty Lands.1 954; 1954-55 "Some observations on infant mortality in India: 1901-1951", ER, v. 46, p. 213; Population and Planned Parenthood in India.1955; Malthus: father of demography., New Delhi, Central Family Planning Institute, 1969; Abortion in a Crowded World: the problem of abortion with special reference to India.1974; Editor: Population Review - Journal of Asian Demography 1966
Source: Around the World News of Population and Birth Control 1954 March and May, ER 1957, 1977 list, ER 1966 (Ad for Review)
from Malthuswhom Chandrasekhar edited: "We are bound in justice and honor formally to disclaim the right of the poor to be supported." An Essay on Population. 1803, Book IV, chp. 8
Chaplin, Mrs. Frances
Eugenics Society Member 1933
Source: ER 1933
Chapman, Mrs. H.I. Bayne
Eugenics Society Member 1934
Source: ER 1934
Chapman, Dr. Percival D.H. MRCS, LRCP
Bridlington, Yorks 1937, 1957
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937, 1957
Personal: Percival David; MRCS, LRCP 1916; BA, Cambridge Univ., MB, BCh 1921; Medical Officer of Health, Bridlington 1958; Capt. RAMC; former Surg., Addenbrook's Hosp., Cambridge
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957, Medical Directory 1958
Sterility Drugs in the Food: "Let a government add Drug X to the staple food ... and let it sell Drug Y, the antidote ... By varying the price of Drug Y the size of the population could be controlled, and at the same time the genetic quality would improve, for only the philoprogenitive and the reasonably successful would be able and willing to pay for Drug Y, the irresponsible and feckless would be automatically sterilised." from a letter by Dr. Chapman to the ER 1955-56, p. 267
Chapman, Mrs. R.W.
9 Park Town, Oxford 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Chapple, Dr. J.
Eugenics Society Member 1986
Source: B&S; 1988
Charaton, Dr. Frederick Bernard MD, MRCP
Finchley, London
Eugenics Society Member 1938-39 Fellow 1953 Personal: Frederick Bernard Ephraim; MB, BS 1943; MRCS, LRCP 1943; MD (London) 1948; Diploma in Psychological Medicine (London Univ.) 1951; Cons. Phys., St Augustine's Hosp., Chatham
"Evaluation of chlorpromazine (largactil) in Psychiat. Jl. of Mental Science 1954; "Electroconvulsant Treatment in Pregnancy" (jt.), Jl. OB-GYN Brit. Empire 1954
Source: ER 1938-39, 1953, Medical Directory 1946, 1956
Charlesworth, Mr. B.J.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1943
1946-47 "Is Britain over populated?", ER, v. 38, p. 59 (C)
Source: ER 1943
Chatterjee, Mr. S.J.
Eugenics Society Member 1948
Source: ER 1948
Cherrington, Mr. S.P. Bath
Eugenics Society Member 1937, 1957
Personal: 1937 address: Grymesdyke, Berkhamsted, Herts
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957
Chesser, Dr. Eustace LRCP, LRCS (Edinburgh)
92 Harley St, London
Eugenics Society Member 1946, 1957
Hon. Secretary, Society for Sex Education and Guidance from inception to Dec. 1953
Personal: LRCP, LRCS 1926; ret by 1937; Chmn., International Union of Family Organisations; Marriage Law Reform Society; British Social Biology Council; Abortion Law Reform Association (Advisory Council); Clinical Assistant, Tavistock Centre; Medical Officer, NW Gloucester
Love without Fear. 1941; Grow Up and Live.1950; Unwanted Child.; The Sexual, Marital and Family Relationships of the English Women.1956; Live and Let Live: the moral of the Wofinden Report, 1958; Living with Suicide. 1967; The Human Aspects of Sexual Deviation. 1971 and many, many others of a similar nature.
Source: ER 1946, 1957, WWW, Medical Directory 1937, 1958
Quotes: "...the meaning of life is therefore the unlimited possibilities it holds for the progress of mankind as a whole." from Living with Suicide. by Chesser, quoted in ER 1967, p. 202
Chester, Prof. Robert BSc
Dept. of Social Administration, Hull Univ., Hull
Eugenics Society Director 1975 Fellow 1977 Editorial Bd., B&S; 1985 Hon. Sec. 1980-1981 Librarian 1992, 1994
Personal: b. 1929; Lect. in Social Administration, Univ. of Hull 1975
Equalities and Inequalities in Family Life. 1977; Divorce in Europe. 1977; Changing Patterns of Sexual Behaviour. 1978; Changing Patterns of Conception and Fertility. 1979; Changing Patterns of Child Bearing and Rearing. 1980; Biology of Human Intelligence.1983; Controlling Legal Addictions.1988
Source: 1977 list, B&S; 1985, CH, Galton Institute Annual Report 1993, Brooks letter on annual meeting 1994
Church, Major Archibald G. DSO, MC, BSc, MP
Eugenics Society Council 1932, 1937 Fellow 1937
Introduced Sterilisation Bill in Thirties; PPS to Sidney Webb, the leader of the Fabians
Personal: b. 1886; d. 1954; schoolmaster 1909-14; RAF 1915-20 (MC); MP Labour 1923-31; Member, Advisory Cttee on Education in Colonies 1925-42; Director, Baird Television Ltd., 58 Victoria St., London SW1, 1931-39; Manchester Oil Refinery 1939; Raven Oil Co. Ltd. 1939-51; Chmn., Churwick Manufacturing Co.; Ministry of Supply 1941-45
Founder and Editor of the Realist; East Africa: A New Dominion.1927 Source: ER 1932, 1937-38, ESAR 1937, WWW
The subjects of the Sterilisation Bill are: "those who are in every way a burden to their parents, a misery to themselves and in my opinion a menace to the social life of the community." from speech in Parliament July 21, 1930 by Church
Attitude of the Webbs to eugenics:"What we as eugenists have got to do is to 'scrap' the Old Poor Law with its indiscriminate relief of the destitute as such and replace it by an intelligent policy of so altering the social environ ment as to discour age or prevent the multiplication of those irrevocably below the National Minimum of Fitness" "Eugenics and the Poor Law: the Minority Report" 1909 reprinted in the Eugenics Review, Vol. 60 1968, p. 75; compare with Frederick Osborn's "new eugenics" (in "Galton at Mid Century", 1956 Galton Lecture, ER) which says exactly the same thing.
Basis of Fabian Political Economy:

The basis of Fabian political economy is " ... application of the lessons which political economy has learned from biology and from Darwinism, as a fundamental necessity of national existence." from "Social Movements" a chapter by the Webbs in The Cambridge Modern History. 1908 quoted in Founders of the Welfare State., p. 58 (ed.) Paul Barker (Heineman, 1984).

The Fabians became the British Labor party. Both Tories and Labor are historically committed to eugenics. Consequently, no relief from the grip of the eugenics lobby will be obtained through election no matter which party comes to power, even though eugenics itself is so despise by the electorate that it cannot be advanced under its own name.

Churchill, Mr. E.B. MAI, ARICS
Toronto, Canada
Eugenics Society Member 1950, 1965, 1977
Source: ER 1950, 1965, 1977 list
Churchill, Dr. Stella MRCS, LRCP, DPH
8 Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park, London NW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Council 1931-32, 1940-41 Fellow 1937
Personal: b. 1908, Edgbaston; d. 1954; MRCS, LRCP 1917; DPH 1921 (Camb.); Med. Dir., Walworth Sunlight Clinic (See C. Saleeby q.v.) Psychologist; Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic 1936-46; Mem., Society of Medical Officers of Health (Pres., Maternity and Child Welfare Group)
Health Services and the Public. 1928; On Being a Mother. 1936; The Adolescent and the Family. 1949
Source: ER 1931-32, 1940-41, ESAR 1937, WWW; Med Dir 1937
Churchill, W.A.
Warfield House, Malvern 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Claoue, Mr. C.M.P.
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Source: 1977 list
Clapham, Dr. H.I. LRCP, LRCS
Eugenics Society Member 1949
Source: ER 1949
Clarence, Mr. I. Souter
Eugenics Society Member 1957
Source: ER 1957
Clark, Miss Lilian L. BSc
5 Caroline Pl., Birkenhead 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Clarke, Dr. A. MA, MD, MRCP
Eugenics Society Council 1993
Source: Galton Institute Annual Report 1993
Clarke, A.C.
Eugenics Society Member 1965
Source: ER 1965
Clarke, Dr. C.A. MA, MD, FRCP
Eugenics Society Fellow 1963
Source: ER 1963
Clarke, Prof. Dr. Sir Cyril KBE, FRS, MD, FRCOG
Nuffield Unit of Medical Genetics, Liverpool Univ., Liverpool
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Personal: MB, BCh 1933; Life Insurance practice 1936-39; MD Cambridge Univ. 1937; Mem., Genetical Society 1958; Director, Nuffield Unit of Medical Genetics 1963-72 (Research Fellow 1972-76); Mem., MRC Working Party 1966; Mem., DHSS Subcttee on Prevention of Rhesus Haemolytic Disease 1967-82; Pres., Royal College of Physicians 1972-77 (Dir., Med. Res. Unit 1983-88); Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Liverpool 1991; V.P., Family Planning Association, 1981-88
Genetics for the Clinician.1962; Human Genetics and Medicine.1970, (3rd. ed. 1987); Prevention of Rhesus Haemolytic Disease.w/ R.B. McConnell q.v. 1972; Rhesus Haemolytic Disease.1975; articles on evolution in swallowtail butterflies
Source: 1977 list, WSW 1990, CH, Medical Directory 1958, 1991
Clarke, Prof. John Innes
Dept. of Geography, Science Laboratories, Durham Univ., Durham
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977 Vice Pres. 1981-84
Personal: Pro Vice Chancellor and Sub Warden, University of Durham, 1984-; Royal Geographical Society rep on British National Cttee for Geography 1976-81, 1988-; Chmn., International Geographical Union's Comm. on Population Geography 1980-88
Population Geography and the Developing Countries.1971; Change and Development in the Middle East. 1981; Redistribution of Population in Africa. 1982; Geography and Population: approaches and applications.1984; Urban Population Growth in China.1985; Population and Development Projects in Africa. 1985; Population and Disaster. 1989; books on Iran and Libya
Source: 1977 list, WSW 1990, CH
Clarke, Dr. Paul Stephen MB, BS
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Eugenics Society Member 1960, 1977
Personal: LMSSA 1940; MB, BS London 1948; Allergist, Royal Hobart Hospital 1958
Source: ER 1960, 1977 list, Medical Directory 1958
Clarke, Flt. Lt. R.C.
Eugenics Society Member 1944
Source: ER 1944
Clarke, Mr. S.S.
44 Chestnut Ave., Brantford, Ont., Canada
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957
Source: ER 1957
Classen, Mr. H. George
Eugenics Society Member 1960
1960-61 "Human procreation in civilised society", ER, v. 52, p. 251 (C)
Source: ER 1960
Clay, Lady
Eugenics Society Fellow 1938
Source: ER 1938
Clay, Mr. John B.
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Clay, Miss M.
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Clayborn, Mrs. E.V.
Cleckheaton, Yorks
Eugenics Society Member 1938, 1957
Source: ER 1938, 1957
Claybourn, Mrs.
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Clayfield, Miss
Eugenics Society Member 1945
Source: ER 1945
Clifford, Mrs. B. St. A.
Eugenics Society Member 1952
Source: ER 1952
Clifford, Mr. K.J. St. A.
Eugenics Society Member 1952
Source: ER 1952
Clifford Smith, Mrs. LLB
Eugenics Society Member 1939
Source: ER 1939
Cliquet, Prof. Dr. R.L.
Warandedreef, Deurle, Belgium
Eugenics Society Member 1959 Fellow 1977
From Incidental to Planned Parenthood., Results of the 2nd national fertility survey in Belgium, Leiden, 1976. Publications of the Netherlands InterUniversity Demographic Institute (NIDI) and the Population and Family Study Center. (CBGS)
Source: ER 1959, 1977 list
Close, Sir Charles F.; see under Arden Close
Close, Mr. E.T.
Woodcote, Camberley, Surrey 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937