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Friday, July 02, 2004

r.i.p. brando 

They won't release the cause of death. Recent reports indicated that he was destitute, living in a shack. I wonder what we get if we do the math? It matters not. I'm watching The Godfather while I clean up my house (Keir and Joy are comin') At least we have that.

Brando Dies

tiger claw! 

Saddam plays rock, paper, scissors.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


I just got home from my last Thursday at Rocket. Nothing interesting to report there, except that Mark bailed on me tonight to begin a new acting class, so Mike worked instead. Mike's been working there since I started, but I've never actually worked a shift with him. Not a full one, anyway. How weird is that? I guess it's fitting to finish off the run that way.

Anyway, I wasn't going to blog at all, since I've got a few emails to write, and I want to work a little more on Blood & Spit (or whatever it's called now) but this little tidbit can't wait. John Digweed is headed back to the Mayan Theater. Everyone who knows me must make a serious effort to be in the neighborhood on September 1st. Take the day off if you have to. This is gonna be a good show. Tix are $20. It'll sell out.

john digweed

template probs 

I'm having problems with my blog structure. For some reason, I've got gaps on the upper and lower ends of my main text area. I'd noticed it was happening to the archive pages, but now the main page has the same problem I can't quite figure out what the problem is. I know that I'm using some HTML that not everyone's browsers can handle, but is anyone else having a problem? Does anyone else have graphics issues? If you're using IE 5.0, you should be okay. If you're using Netscape before 6.0, I've got no idea. If you're using any browser before version 4.0, God help you. I've no idea how Safari handles this HTML, and I've got no way to test it. I have noticed that Netscape seems to be okay on the graphics front, but the scroll bar doesn't have the cool, subtle coloration that IE does. It's big and bulky. Ditto for IE versions 5.0 or earlier. That doesn't bother me. But I really need it to look like a script page.

What's the verdict? How does it look on your computer? Comment away!

I'll be back later with a screenwriting update. I have to work my last Thursday at Rocket.

In the meantime, here's a nice picture for you.

My brother Keir, Chasey Lain, Jono Singer and Janine, 1996

amoeba - day two 

Don't worry. I won't be chronicling the entire run of days at Amoeba Music. But these early ones are important. And I know someday I'll look back and laugh and shake my head at my consternation. Actually, it's a mellow first real day at Amoeba. Work is fairly simple. The idea is to keep the place stocked. Ultimately, that's all we do. I'm unaware as of yet all the detail involved in doing just that. There are many procedures. But it's a pretty cool job so far, and the people I work with are nice as hell.

Afterwards I go out with some of them Amoeb-ites to the Cat and Fiddle just down the street. I sit at a small, round table with Ariel, David, Chris, Kirk, Jackie, Brad, Ryan and Tiffany (who, as it turns out, is the daughter of Allison Anders. They're a fun group. And they all refer to me as "newbie." Whenever I start a job, I notice, I'm so focused on learning everything I can, I come across as the quiet, boring type. After a few weeks, however, they'll be wishing I'd just shut up.

And here's some trivia offered up by Ryan today. Did you know that the name "Wendy" was invented by J.M. Barrie, and didn't exist before he wrote Peter Pan? I didn't know that.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

do you know where your towel is? 

Wow. Returning to radio after twenty-five years, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with (almost) the entire cast reprising their roles!

Monday, June 28, 2004

amoeba - day one 

So today is my first day at Amoeba. It's actually more of an orientation thing. A cool, knowledgable chap named Mo shows me and another new guy named Jon around the place. That takes almost two hours. No joke. The place is that huge. I mean, I knew they process a lot of material and feed a sizable consumption beast, but the sheer scope of it boggles the mind. He shows us places we may never set foot in again, such as the loading dock, the telecom nerve endings center and even a small closet space just off the jazz and classical room. Truly nutty.

After that tour finishes and Jon and I fill out the necessary paperwork proving we are, in fact, human, Kirk gives me the lowdown on the mezzanine, which is where I'll be working. The mezzanine handles everything movie-related, and in money-making terms, it has the highest "profit-per-square-foot" in the entire store. The proportions are way off. It generates a sixth of the revenue of the store and embodies maybe a twelfth of the floor-acreage. Randy and Ariel work up there. I know them from my early Rocket days. They were both dutifully employed there when I first started. Ariel juggled both jobs, then drifted off to Amoeba. Randy fractured his neck and had to spend some time wearing a large plastic collar, which he no longer wears. I think I owe much of the ease of gaining Amoeba employment to those two. They put in the proverbial "good word" for me.

I wrap up the introductory shift after about three hours and head home, only to find that a couple more potential dates have "winked" at me from the Onion Persionals page.

"What!?" I hear you cry. "What's this about personals? What's up with that??"

Listen. I'll tell you some other time. I'd rather talk briefly about Saturday night at Benihana. It is Sara's birthday. Mark and I arrive early, share a sake (cold) and wait as, one by one, the various guests arrive.

Mark and I are at the bar, engaged in a cool conversation about life and work and relationships, so I'm actually a little disappointed when the first guests arrive. But the first guest is actually the woman of honor. So I guess I'm not that disappointed. Sara and Noah join us for sake.

Mark, Sara and Noah
Mark, Sara and Noah.

Soon everyone's there. Carlos and Ruth, Danny and Louis, Sara's neighbor Jennifer and Sara's producer from The It Factor, David. Do you know any of these people? I thought not. But I mention their names anyway. You know, for posterity. And also to point out something. Maybe Mark feels this. Maybe not. But as we sit around that kitcshy table, watch as our (Latin) chef flips shrimp tails into his hat, applaud when the pepper shakers skitter about in his hands, sing as Sara's absurdly rich cake arrives, aglow with twenty-six candles, laugh at her increasing astonishment as she opens one amazing gift after another and finally, push back from the table at meal's end, satisfied and happy, I can't help reminding myself that this is an elite group, Sara's closest friends and family, and that somehow, one way or another, I'd stumbled into this circle like William Powell in My Man Godfrey, the bum among the aristocracy. Every one of them great people. Sitting among them, I just hope somehow that will rub off on me.

Sara at twenty-six
It's an ice cream cake, studded with candles and Oreos.

And on a final note, I snap these next three pics of Ruth and Carlos at the end of the evening. They're tired, ready to go home. But there's a subtext here. I think perhaps I'm the only one who sees it. In fact, if I were to show these pictures to them, they'd insist it's my imagination, and that they're simply plumb tuckered. But two days later Ruth is set to leave L.A. and begin a trek to Spain, where she's going to live and work for a year. Carlos is staying behind. He has a job here. They have two kids. The kids are going with her.

end of post.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

edward abbey quote of the moment 

"A good writer must have more than vin rose in his veins, use more than Chablis for ink."

I just stumbled across this quote and I had nowhere to put it. So here it is.

Friday, June 25, 2004


Meet a guy at Rocket tonight. He's looking to rent the movie True Believer, which happens to be one of my favorite of those mid to late Eighties star-powered courtroom thrillers. You know, those. He's watching it, he says, because someone suggested he watch it for the lawyer who's in it.

Lawyer? I wonder. James Woods is in it. He plays hotshot lawyer Eddie Dodd, a pony-tailed, Hendrix-loving lawyer for the people who used to be great and now finds himself defending common criminals, petty thieves and drug pushers. I suppose that this lawyer must play a minor role, perhaps a walk-on part. Seems strange to me to rent a movie for that.

But as I talk to this guy, I learn that more about him. He's photographer Grove Pashley. He does celebrity photographs and portraits. That's interesting. Actually, that's interesting in retrospect, because I don't realize he's the photographer until later, after I get home. But what's really cool is that he asks me if I've seen the documentary Paradise Lost 2: Revelations. Of course I have. Then he reminds me he's one of the four people who come together in that film to help fight for Damien Echols, Jessie Miskelley and Jason Baldwin. This guy's working with the West Memphis Three.

If you don't know what I'm talking about in referring to the WM3, go here. It's too late in the day to explain the whole, horrifying ordeal. In conversation, he tells me some interesting news:

1) There's a third film in the works. No word on what the release date is, but it's definitely coming.

2) Henry Rollins raised enough cash to help fund long sought-after DNA testing. There exists some skin samples taken from under the murdered boys' fingernails. No one knows whether the DNA is still viable at this late date, but we'll soon find out.

3) Margaret Cho is now championing the cause, adding to the roster of highly visible folk wading into the fray.

4) They have the help of a new lawyer, which is precisely why Mr. Pashley is renting the flick. Later research suggests that this lawyer is Tony Serra, the real life lawyer on whom Woods' character is based in True Believer. (This guy worked the Ellie Nesler case, taking the unpopular side that the woman, who gunned down the accused child molester who had assaulted her child, was just a vigilante.)

image borrowed from Cannabis Culture Magazine

5) The original documentary, Paradise Lost: the Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills, has never been released on DVD. The follow-up, ...Revelations, has been. There is an effort in the works to reacquire the former back from Hallmark for eventual DVD release, possibly with a commentary by the various forces involved.

I didn't ask who would supply the commentary. I wonder now if it might even by the Three themselves. It seems unlikely, given the logistics and legalities involved, but wouldn't that be unbelievable?

Interesting stuff. And people ask why I don't just quit Rocket, given all the nonsense and bullshit that goes on behind the scenes. It's nights like these that keep me there.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

SFX: the cure - new album 

And on another music note, the cure has its first album since bloodflowers due out next week. If you have some time and a decent audio setup, you can listen to the album in its entirety here.

liz and fan 

Man, what happened to Liz Phair? She used to be so cool.

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