Beth Hunter
played by Clarissa House

Serene and a little shy but with a delicious sense of humour once she drops her guard, and open-minded but with a strong sense of personal morality and integrity, Beth is a woman who is used to being loved and enjoys the passion and intimacy of a relationship, but she would never initiate one herself.

Beth is a country girl, born in the time when Australia still rode on the sheep's back. Her parents' property was remote enough for her and her five brothers and sisters to have a private tutor. This left her with an innate love of poetry, a somewhat 'posh' accent, and few social skills when it came to the opposite sex. Beth never saw herself as anything but a farmer's wife. She married Jack Hunter before she turned eighteen and had Scott ten months later. Four other children followed. For her, marriage and family were everything, and she adored Jack, 12 years her senior. He is the only man she has known and loved.

Beth doesn't see herself as having any particular skills. The truth is she is the salt of the earth. She rides well, can shear a sheep, dock a lamb, bake her own bread, run a house, cook for twenty people, do volunteer work and play reasonable piano to the family at night without sacrificing any of her femininity.

She's a whiz at board games and an understanding parent who has no problem admitting when she is wrong or out of touch. She's never had time for a career and doesn't feel the need for one. She doesn't pretend to understand anyone driven to that kind of fulfilment. Home and kids are everything but she is no down-trodden or exploited female at the mercy of any man. She and Jack were always equals and she expects that in a relationship.

Her world fell apart when Jack died suddenly. For the first year she was shattered and directionless, in spite of working sixteen hour days. She's a woman who functions better in a relationship, with a man to care for, than out of one - but this comes from a sense of giving rather than one of need.


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