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State Trails Plan
Focus Group Sessions

Comprehensive State Trails Plan

A Network of Discovery II (ANOD II)

"A Network of Discovery: A Comprehensive Trails Plan for the State of Nebraska," was completed in July 1994, which was the first comprehensive State Trails Plan for Nebraska. The original plan consisted of a vision for Nebraska trails; trail resources and corridors, types of trails, and implementation recommendations for communities building trails. The original plan was funded through a federal grant from the US Department of Energy through the Nebraska Energy Office. Funding also came from the Department of Economic Development, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Nebraska Department of Roads and the National Park Service. Consultants wrote the plan from RDG Crose Gardner Shukert and Ciaccio Dennell Group out of Omaha, Nebraska. It's been ten years since the last plan and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission took the lead to review and update the plan for trails within Nebraska.

The re-write of the plan was funded through the Federal Recreational Trails Program of the Federal Highway Administration administered by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Consultants of RDG Planning and Design were hired to do the re-write of this plan after going through a competitive bidding process. The planning process took approximately two and a half years to complete and included a technical advisory committee of 27 Federal, State and Local professionals that met at least nine times per year for the past two years. This committee reviewed the plan on numerous occasions, shaped the overall concepts of the plan and critiqued the final product that you have access to on this website. This plan is more focused on specific actions and also discusses the lessons learned since the last plan was published.

The process also included numerous focus group sessions to get public input on where Nebraska's focus should be regarding trails. There was also a specific meeting for motorized trail users in Grand Island, which had over 100 citizens in attendance. The results of these meetings may be viewed by clicking on the phrase in the Trails menu on the left side of this page. On this site, you will find the final version of the 2004 State Trails Plan that you may download or you may download the plan by chapter. These documents may be found under the Trails Plan Menu on the left of this page. If you have questions or comments regarding the State Trails Plan, do not hesitate to contact Michelle Stryker, Outdoor Recreation Planner, at (402) 471-5425 or email her at

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