Welcome to the Network Abuse Clearinghouse

Updated December 30, 2003.

The Network Abuse Clearinghouse is intended to help the Internet community to report and control network abuse and abusive users. Since the best place to report abusive activity varies from one system to another, we're trying to keep a master database of reporting addresses for users throughout the net to use. The database is provided in four forms:

For e-mail users

You can use abuse.net to help forward your complaints to system managers who can act on them. Please read our description of how to register for and then use the mail forwarding service.

For system managers

You are welcome to contribute contact information for the database, for your own domain, those of your customers, and other domains for which you've researched the contact info.

See How do I submit contact information for a domain?

For software tool developers

If you develop or maintain anti-abuse software tools, and want to use information from abuse.net, find out how your tool can look up abuse.net contact information.

Is abuse.net a blacklist of abusive domains or providers?

Abuse.net is not a blacklist, blocking list, or anything of the sort, and has nothing to do with blocking or rejecting mail. If someone told you that abuse.net was blocking your mail, you've been misinformed.

Listing a domain in the abuse.net database does not imply that the domain has ever done anything abusive. The majority of the entries in the abuse.net database of domain contacts were submitted voluntarily by responsible providers and domain managers. You can't conclude anything about the fact that a domain appears in the list other than that we have some idea of who the contact is.

How can I tell where to report abusive mail?

See How can I tell where to complain?. Please do not forward spam to postmaster or any other administrative address at abuse.net or its host network iecc.com; it is a waste of your time and ours to do so.

More resources on abusive messages

About our contact database
More information about the abuse.net database.

Decoding single-number network addresses
A lot of junk e-mail now attempts to disguise the names of web sites they advertise by showing the web site's address as a single large number rather than by its name. Use this simple decoder script to find the host number and name.

Some semi-automated abuse reporting tools
Some tools to help figure out where a message came from and send complaints.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Resources
A site that provides end-users a place to report intrusion attempts, exploits, hacks and portscans. Has a large list of software/hardware protection which is sectioned by operating system, and one of the largest trojan port/exploit port databases online.

Books about network management and spam fighting
Here are some book reviews about books that both directly address spam fighting and related network management topics, with links if you want to buy them.

The Supreme Court on Commercial Speech.
The Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress has prepared a very extensive Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States. This page extracts the section on First Amendment cases related to commercial speech.

The Responsible Net Commerce Site
Be sure to visit our sister site at spam.abuse.net.  [Help stamp out spam!]

The spam tools mailing list
Abuse.net hosts a mailing list for people interested in developing and deploying anti-spam tools. Visit the list's home page for more details and access to the message archive.

Supporting abuse.net

Abuse.net is provided without charge to the Internet community (other than penalties for people who send abusive mail through abuse.net's mail system despite having agreed not to do so.) We neither solicit nor accept contributions.

If you feel that abuse.net has been useful to you, please make a contribution to your local food bank, which needs money a lot more than we ever will. Thanks.

(By the way, most food banks can make better use of cash contributions than canned or boxed food. That's because there's a great deal of food available for free or close to it if they can pay to transport it.)

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