Towards Destiny:

Creating a New National-Socialist Reich

Guiding Principles:

The guiding and unalterable principles for the creation of any and every National-Socialist society - and for any and every National-Socialist government - are personal honour,  duty to the foolk and duty to Nature.

These principles derive from the ethics of Honour , and as such these principles determine not only personal behaviour but also establish guidelines for any and every NS organization. In particular, these principles for the basis for determining what is right, and what is wrong.

In essence, these principles define National-Socialism itself. Thus, a person who upholds these principles, and who strives to live by them, is a National-Socialist, just as an organization which upholds and strives to implement these principles, is a NS organization.

What the Principles of National-Socialism Mean:

The principles of personal honour, duty to the folk and duty to Nature mean and imply many things. Personal honour means that an individual judges everything that they or other people do by the criteria of honour: is this act/deed/thought honourable?

Duty to the folk means that the needs of the folk come before self-interest, and even before one's own personal comfort and happiness. Duty to Nature means that Nature is respected and revered: that the effect, on Nature, of our deeds, actions and policies, are considered and understood, with Nature being given priority over our own personal needs, our own happiness and our own comfort.

What is National-Socialist is what is honourable, what is good for the folk and what is good for, or aids, Nature. That is, for something to be National-Socialist - some deed, say - it must be honourable, and also good for or of benefit to the folk, and also good for or of benefit to Nature.

National-Socialist Germany and the New Reich:

What is of particular importance for us to understand, is that the New Reich will be different from National-Socialist Germany. NS Germany is our inspiration but cannot and should not be slavishly imitated.

What is now, came to be as it came to be, and its ending was foretold, as Aeschylus once said. Because of this ending - because of the immolation of NS Germany - we have the inspiration and the understanding we need to achieve what needs to be achieved.

Adolf Hitler said, to Hans Grimm, that he was only doing the "preparatory work". We can and indeed should imagine what could have been achieved had there been no war; had NS Germany built rockets and begun to explore outer Space; had new technologies been created to build proper StarShips. We can and indeed should imagine what might have been had there been no outward conflict, no war, but only a slow inner build up, as Adolf Hitler envisaged (as he said many times to people like Rudolf Hess and Leon Degrelle) with a proper NS society created by the Hitler Youth generation and the generation after that. Imagine if Germany had slowly, by force of ideals and peaceful conversion, converted other Aryan nations to National-Socialism, and then created a Federation of National-Socialist States, which traded with the world, and which Federation became unassailable. Where would we be now?

But there was something fundamentally lacking to make this possible. This dream, this vision, was therefore actually impossible, then: what happened, had to happen. It was Fated, destined, ordained by that Higher Power which we may call the Cosmic Being, or the gods, or simply Fate. And Adolf Hitler knew this, as did several others including Rudolf Hess.

What was lacking in that time was a complete and rational conscious apprehension of our human, civilizing, ethos: that is, a religion, a numinous Way of Life, a culture, with all that these imply in terms of motivation, and in particular of being able to convert others and so change their way of life, their very being, their perspective. In particular, the ethics and laws of National-Socialism, based upon honour, had yet to be fully described.

NS Germany was in many ways a compromise: bound to tradition and an old form of nationalism; and also bound to the structures of the old type of State. It was an essence trying to struggle free from the appearances that bound it. And that essence, that purity, was released in what I call the First Zionist War. Or, as Savitri Devi once explained it, the gold was extracted from the furnace of war.

So it is that we now know. We know what our unique, human, civilized, ethics are. We know what are own unique, healthy, evolutionary, way of life is: it is pagan but in a rational, conscious, way (as I outlined in my essay The Collective, The Nexus and Nature and in The Occult and National-Socialism). We know what our unique human Destiny is: to evolve, by seeding ourselves across the Galaxy.

Thus, we know how we should act, think, behave and live: not because of some political idea, but because we have accepted that this knowledge is the answer: that it explains in a reasoned, rational way, the very meaning and purpose of our lives, as individuals. This knowledge is the answer to all the questions of philosophy and religion: the end of all so-called Occult quests.

I believe this knowledge to be of immense importance. For this knowledge is The Elixir; it is The Grail. It is the Stone of the Philosophers. It is Enlightenment. It is the beginning of a new Renaissance. It is, in fact, the end of the Faustian quest and the beginning of a new Galactic one.

For with this knowledge, this understanding, we can change ourselves, and others. We can convert them. We can build the foundation of a new culture, a new nation. We do not need guns or explosives; we do not even need an ordinary political organization. We simply need to spread this knowledge; guiding others, until such time as Vindex - a new Leader, a new man of Destiny - arises to create that outer political and social form which we and our National-Socialist followers after us will suffuse with this essence.

What all this means in practice is that the New Reich will be firmly based, from its very beginnings, on the ideal of personal honour, and thus upon the ideals of  National-Socialist Law . Thus, an entirely new type of government - of State - will be created. This new government, this new type of State, will be a National-Socialist one: balancing the law of personal honour and thus freedom with the needs of government. [ For an outline of this new type of State, see  Constitution of a New Reich .]

This new Reich will also be egalitarian: that is, it will put into practice the socialist aspect of National-Socialism. Thus, privilege, based on wealth, or position, or occupation, will be done away with. In practice, this means that there will be, for example, no such thing as "First and Second Class" accommodation on trains, just as elected political representatives will only be paid a minimal wage and will have no extra privileges whatsoever. Indeed, such representatives will be expected to make personal sacrifices. For in this new Reich, the only thing which distinguishes one citizen from another, which gives them preference, is their honour and their willingness to do their noble duty to their folk.

The whole basis of this new Reich will be honour and duty, and not the accumulation of personal possessions or personal pleasure and indulgence. Thus, individuals will seek to aid the Destiny of the Folk: they will see themselves in relation to this Destiny.

The purpose of this new type of State will not fundamentally be to ensure the economic, the material, prosperity of its citizens, but rather to ensure the survival and the evolution of the folk, the race, and to enable that folk to achieve its Destiny. This Destiny and its achievement will be considered far more important than mere material prosperity.

That is, there will a fundamental and revolutionary re-orientation of consciousness: away from economics and materialism, and toward Destiny. There will be a move away from the perspective of the individual (their "happiness" and comfort) toward the perspective of the folk, of Nature, and of the Cosmos itself. That is, the individual will come to understand and know themselves in relation to their folk, its Destiny, its evolution, just as this folk will be understood as only a part of Nature and the Cosmos.

Thus will we begin the next stage of our evolution, as human beings.

David Myatt