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Autistic animations
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Animated Meltdown
The ABA  opposition speaks.
Smoke and Mirrors - The Making of a Stereotype
Check out this article by Alyric.

Asperger's syndrome is really not well understood.
Although very little can be said categorically about all autistics or all with AS,
some are painting a very ugly picture of who we are.
I hope all people, especially those with power over the lives of autistics, 
will not passively believe the worst about us.
Maybe the "experts" just aren't listening.  (click yellow button)
    Recommended viewing, reading,
     and my take on the portrayal of autistics in movies and television.
oddizm as Pinky
jypsy as the Brain
(symbolically in sound)
inky, are you pondering what I am pondering?

mystery to modern science

hat are we going to do tomorrow night

thank you, jypsy.

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Why do so many people seem to hate autistics?
Why are electric shock and other aggressive and demeaning techniques used to make autistics act "normal".
     Why are parents willing to spend thousands of dollars in the hopes of getting a child who will  APPEAR to be indistinguishable from typical kids, but will, in fact, be an autistic pushed the limits of his acting ability?

     Is there no middle ground?
      Can't there be happy healthy autistic people among the rest of societ

Check out oddizm's brain art!  Fun and Cerebral!
  "I'm going to send a ballistic missile into       the heart of autism" - Bernie Rimland

    Gee, ...Thanks.... Bernie.  - oddizm
College papers:
Eugenics: Framing the Inferior
Critiquing the Framing of the Theories: by oddizm, et. al.
BF Skinner tells us that we are all merely organisms with behaviors and to forget the psyche.
A little comment on famous autistics
and why we
probably don't really want to Cure Autism Now.
Take a minute to read about the serious abuse of
child autistics in the past that needs an official apology

from a famous reasearcher and a prestigious university and the government
agency that paid for it to be done.
Whole thing found here.
Does Lovaas Style ABA
makes the child "a subject".
Stuff you gotta know if you are going to teach ABA to an autistic kid.
It's not like you think
It's a problem.
Autistics have their own way of thinking that can be quite
different from the rest of the world's.
They are often misjudged because the rest of the world doesn't understand the basic fact that autistics think differently.

No, that doesn't mean that autistic thinking is inferior.
Their basic style of thinking arises from the way their brains are wired.

Which makes one big point:
Autistics are not being different just to be DIFFICULT.
A better Autism Awareness ribbon.
To be honest, I find the puzzle ribbon cloying and unimaginative and overused.
    I am not trying to   offend those who     like it, and I'm not    trying to stop         them from using       it,  but I AM             offering an             alternative.
Many autism spectrum adults really object to being objectified by the puzzle ribbon.
Furthermore, it is mainly associated with the issues of "normal" parents of autistic kids and so doesn't represent the reality of most adults on the autism spectrum.
They want a different symbol and here is my offering.
You may use it on a web page or on your personal stationary, or use it as an inspiration for your own creation, just don't take my design and sell stuff with it on it, right? And don't put it on offensive stuff.
You can buy a t-shirt with this symbol from my cafepress.com shops.
(The color on cafepress.com's fabric items, like t-shirts, is a bit duller than what you see on the computer monitor.)
Autistics Pace Themselves

Well, of course they do!

Autistics get overloaded by things that other people scarcely notice           (each has different sensitivities) and so in order to avoid overload            they have to pace themselves and allow for "down time",
     time to "decompress"
     They also pace back and forth as a way to feel better, get it?
Very funny stuff.
They race themselves, too, just ask
Alex Bain.
And now a note from our sponsor...
Asperger's Syndrome
It's not just for breakfast anymore.
Lot's of autism spectrum kids (and adults) are drawn to commercial slogans and dialogue from movies. They use lines from these in everyday conversation, sometimes to the great puzzlement of those around them.
This slogan is typical of silly, tangential,
Asperger's/High Functioning Autistic humor.
Note: Do not listen to the "experts" who say autistics don't have a
sense of humor or that none of us can use sarcasm.
There are lots and lots
(the official statistic*) of undiagnosed Aspies and Auties out there (where you are).
Many of them are carrying around a bad diagnosis. There have been plenty who have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and plenty as schizoid.


*No, seriously, ask them at the
National Institutes for Mental Health, they'll tell you.  There are "lots and lots" of autistics have been misdiagnosed.
There have been plenty who have been accused of plain stubbornness and  laziness.
I know how relieved I was to discover  AS
and even with just my self-diagnosis I was relieved.
Now I am officially an Asperger's  autistic.
and I like to share that fact
so that people will stop pushing so much.
I can't  deal with certain situations that people seem ; think that I SHOULD be able
to deal with.
People sometimes say to me, "You're so smart you shoud be able to.."

Oh, I have Asperger's Syndrome.
I've had a wonderful  time, but this wasn't it.
~Groucho Marx
I think this illustrates the way most  autistics feel about social occasions and even work that requires too much social contact. There are autistics who like to be around people, though.   We all could deal with it better if the "rest of the world" understood where we are "coming from" and how we need certain conditions in order to operate optimally.

Too much noise and activity just shuts some of us down.
We don't speak "chit chat",  It is, for most of us, a very foreign language. If you see one of us at a party (or elsewhere) and want to be really nice, ask us to talk about our favorite topic (special interest).
Be prepared to sit there and listen for an hour....
Respect Autistics Now
Some people are demanding a "cure" for autism, but I don't think they realize what they are demanding.
They seem to be seeking the end of neurodiversity.
Perhaps those demanding a cure for autism are practicing eugenics. It's something to consider.
On the other hand
     there are scientists who say they are looking for autism genes
     in order to give them an appropriate understanding of autism      for future and now living autistics.
    They don't claim to be seeking a "cure".
     I think that they may be doing the right thing.
     The better thing, though, is to take care of the adult autistics we have now, many of whom are living on the street or in other bad situations.
Many autistics say they are not unhappy because of their autism but
because of the way they are treated by the outside world
If autistics were given an environment in which to flourish, with demands that were
appropriate to their abilities,
then all could benefit
Great things happen when autistics are given a chance to live up   to their potential.
2 more slogans..
Stimming is something that autisics do naturally.
It is not meant to irritate the rest of y'all.
Stimming includes: various types of rocking and flapping motions.
Leg tapping, swaying, pacing, humming, sound making, staring at beautiful things, staring at walls, staring at lights, teeth clenching, hand squeezing, touching soft things, touching hard things...
Stimming is calming for those of us who are being

by stressors
nearly all the time
in situations that normal people have
no problem with.

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