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Keep On Dancin' line dance workshop & social w/Doug & Jackie Miranda HAPPENS July 24 in San Jose, CA.(Mark has had to withdraw from this workshop.)
SUBJECT: BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR BOB BOESEL WHERE: SAN JOSE, CALIF Last Wednesday (July 7) we celebrated Bob’s birthday and had a great time – what better way to celebrate than with good food, good friends and good dances! Here is what we did (how great it is to have a 3 hour class): we did a very thorough review of John Robinson’s Dangerous (that is one great dance – one of our favorites), and taught The Right to Remain Silent (Michele Burton) and If I Ain’t Got You (Neville Fitzgerald). And here are the requested dances that we did: Nu Flow (MIL), Start Walking (Cosenza), She Believes (Hutchinson), Texas (Perry), Possibility Foxtrot (Perry), L-A-Ex (Gallagher), Slow Burn (Robinson/Hunyadi), The Real World (MIL), Que Sera, Sera (St. Leon), Poetry in Motion (MIL), I Remember (Tracie Lee), Mamma Mia (Bob Boesel), Under Your Spell (Bracken Ellis), We are the Same (Amatos et al), Angel’s Waltz (MIL), Built for Comfort (Charlotte Skeeters), In a Moment (Bass), Mariana Mambo (Sala), Black Betty (Crazy Chris) and Two Time Trick (Blevins). Next week we’re teaching Scott Blevins’ Party til Dawn and Metelnick’s de la Noche. ~Trish Boesel (from Carol Craven's newsletter: email TKANDR@AOL.COM w/"SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.

On June 27 Doug and Jackie Miranda volunteered their time creating and working with the San Diego Dancers for their performance at the San Diego County Fair. In fact, they came back early form Malaysia to dance and be the MC for two one hour shows for 65+ dancers. The theme was Dancing Through Time. Included were several specialty dances choreographed by the Miranda's - Roaring Twenties (Medley of songs) - Surfing the USA - Grease Lighting - Men in Black. Doug's creative juices flowed working with these groups along with the General Dance Performers. We are all imagining that we have Jackie's moves. Some of the dances performed were Splish Splash (J. Thompson) Electric Reel (Paddens) Imagine (B. McWherter) Tequila (Miranda's) 8 9 10 Do It Again (Metelnick/Biggs) @ the Hop (C. Hutchinson) Come Dance With Me (J. Thompson) along with an original number to Stayin' Alive by the Miranda's.
On July 3rd, thirty members from the San Diego N/Line Dancers performed these dances at the "Independence Day Celebration" in La Verne with Doug and Jackie. Doug filled two hours of line dancing with performers and audience participation. Included was Coastin' with friendly competion between the guys and Jackie ...guess who won!

Video Clips: LINE DANCIN' DOG ...STILL the most downloaded & REQUESTED file from this website!
Need video? CJ has ALL event dances in his video collection! The following clips are courtesy of CJ
Max Perry's
Texas ~ Guilty (MIL w/Eve Yeaton)

Newest Step Sheets
All Night Long - Robbie McGowan Hickie
Dig The Groove - Bill Bader
Drive Me Wild - Scott Blevins (vintage!) to Gina G's track
I Feel The Earth Move - Julie Molkner
If I Ain't Got You - Nevile Fitzgerald
Let's Be Us Again - Andrew Simon and Sheila
Let's Dance - Chris Hodgson
No More! No More! No More! - Celeste Meng-chi 2004 DanceFuntasia winner
Off My Rocker - Harlan Curtis
One Night - Terry Hogan
Rain Dance - Terry Hogan
Staying Alive - Doug & Jackie Miranda

Links to newer dances filling the San Francisco Bay Area floors: Mamma Mia - Built for Comfort - I Remember - Imagaine - Angels Waltz - Swoop - Sky Full of Angels - Possibility Foxtrot - Under Your Spell - Slow Burn - L-A-EX - Mariana Mambo - Two Time Trick - Rescue Me - Texas
Windy City Oct 8-10 w/super stars
Simon Ward and Rachael McEnaney
Vegas DANCE Explosion
Nov 19-21 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Move-In-Line Event Nov 6-7 w/Bracken Ellis

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