Mouses(now Sushi)'s Japanese Anime Page


This is page is dedicated to the victims and family of the horrorific terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Even though I live in Hawaii, and live millions of miles away..I still feel the pain. My prayers go out to u.

Hi...My name is Shelsey aka Mouse, well now it's Sushi. I decided to change my name to Sushi,instead of Mouse. Both r very wierd names...I guess...but they're my nicknames, so DON'T TEASE. In this page I will have tons of Anime of all kind...including some video games, Japanese words, A cool CONTEST page of who is the CUTEST and SEXIST Anime CHARACTER. I also have a homestead one, that looks exactly like this, but I'm switching to geocities...because my friends says it's A LOT better. From Dragon Ball to Ranma...and from Kodoma no Omocha to Marmalade Boy....I will have a lot more when I finish it.