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Bluefish Screenshots

Showing a syntax highlighted python file, and the new python function reference in the left panel. The HTML toolbar shows the 'forms' section. Main window
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Bluefish running on a Mac, in french. This shows the bookmarks tab (and a bookmark at line 274!) and the outputbox. Some of the menus are teared off the main window for easier access. Main window
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Bluefish running in Tamil. There are many more languages supported by Bluefish, but this is an excellent example. Main window
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Creating a Bluefish project. In the main windows you can see a stylesheet file with syntax highlighting. Main window
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Main window, showing a highlighted PHP file, the custom menu, main toolbar and HTML toolbar and the file browser on the left. This screenshot does not have GTK anti-aliasing turned on. Main window
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Doing some python programming in bluefish. Note that the custom menu and the HTML toolbar are hidden now. This screenshot is taken with GTK anti-aliasing turned on.Python programming in Bluefish
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This shows the function reference in the left panel. The dialog is open for a PHP function, and also the info window for this function. Red arguments in the dialog are mandatory.Function reference
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This is what Bluefish looks like when I do Bluefish programming in Bluefish. Note the GTK function reference in the left panel. The shot is taken when I right-clicked the document notebook to get a list of all open documents. I use open advanced to open all .c files in the directory at once.Bluefish programming in Bluefish
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