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This is a very scarce "Gnome et Rhône " submachine gun that was made in France in limited numbers in 1944 by the Gnome & Rhöne plant in Limoges (south west of France). It has a special bolt stop in the forward position

Photos courtesy Luc Guillou, France

French Gnome et Rhône SMG

detail showing forward bolt stop position

The Sputter Gun: the machine gun that almost was....

Here's for those who like to think different. Check out these wierd "sputter guns". Since Title 26 USC defines a machine gun as "a gun that can discharge more than one bullet through the single pull of the trigger" that, all you had to do is to eliminate the trigger and then it wouldn't be a machine gun right??.....Full auto fun and completely legal right?....Wrong!
This unusual gun was the brainchild of William "Bill" York of Hurricane, Utah. Bill was an avid manufacturer of STEN copies back in the 1980's and is listed on page 356 of Peter Laidler's exhaustive and authoritative book entitled "The Sten Machine Carbine". Recently, I emailed Bill about his creation and here's what he had to say about his sputter gun:
"I conceived and built the "sputter gun". My attorney friend named it. ATF
never gave a written classification on it. It was only stated to me personally by [the late] Chuck Lanam from the Tech Branch when he was at my shop in 1982 looking at all the Sten Guns we were building that he thought my finger would be classified the trigger. He said this I'm sure in order to scare us off in producing the sputter gun. (Funny we never got a single order for one when we offered them for sale) "
Anyway, it was a cool idea......
Bill is now in Delta, Utah and can be found on the web at
http://www.aa-ok.com/ and his email address is: stengun@hotmail.com 

Sputter gun. Notice the lack of a trigger

Close up look at the front hand grip. Don't want this puppy to run away from you!!

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