2003-02-20 - 3:00 p.m.

> phone numberz <

the telephone companies
don't know it's happening,
but their randomizers have
been quietly assigning

selective numbers to selective
people representing selective
traits. usually you get 3 of
a kind to represent anything:

425-5534 (555 - evil)
344-7779 (777 - death)
499-9123 (999 - wisdom)
526-6611 (666 - 5satan7)
429-8881 (888 - infinite play)
552-9000 (000 - rock 0n)

the other combinations are too
small to matter. so i've had
this floating around in my head
for a while and the other day

this chick gives me her phone
number: 527-7777. i'm thinking,
yah baby, i'm in the presence
of the muthafuckin' queen'erself

but i'm keepin' it cool, people
don't need to know i'm crazy,
but then she goes: "is that good
enough for you?" what kind of

fucking sentence is that to utter
along with giving someone your
phone number? i politely said
thank you and was on my way

before we pulled the sabers and
tried to behead each other. yah!

*note: to play this recording
again, dial 1-888-888-8888.


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