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Ron Paul's Response to "Ron Paul for President 2004" Petition

December 11, 2001

A little more than 12 hours into the beginning of the posting of this petition for Ron Paul for President 2004, I spoke with an individual with Ron Paul's campaign in Texas, wanting to get some kind of response from the Congressman regarding our independent efforts.  Because of the rules of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), neither Ron Paul nor any of his offices may be involved with what we do.  She did say that she has spoken with Ron about our petition and movement, and said that he is encouraged by it, as a means to help get the message of Constitutionalism out there more.  He does not expect that a win for the White House will happen at this time in history.  Nevertheless, being a Christian man, he believes in miracles and knows that "stranger things have happened" with more humble men.

On another note, I might mention some strategy items that have come to mind in response to some of the questions that have been raised in the process of promoting this petition.

I personally do not want Ron to divert any of his attention away from what he is doing right now -- defending freedom day after day on the floors of Congress.  He is virtually alone up there, and we need him to be doing just what he is doing.  Let us do all the leg work in getting the word out that Ron Paul is the candidate of choice for President in 2004.  Let his work in the House of Representatives be his "campaign."

In this age of the Internet, old campaign methods can be circumvented.  If a miracle is going to happen, it is most likely going to be because of an unconventional approach.  For example, "stumping" can be done via the Internet, and without the Congressman even spending time away from what he is doing now.  Also, the idea that a write-in ballot could succeed is made feasible because with the internet we have a way to monitor beforehand just how much support he has.  Another unconventional potential advantage with the proposed approach is that Ron doesn't need to line up with any one party in particular, but could be adopted by several third parties as their front-runner candidate of choice, even without his direct acceptance of their nomination.  That way he can draw votes from people of any party.  He can stand for what he stands for, without having to tow an entire party along with him; and we all know that in this day, a single third party has zero chance of winning the White House.  At the same time, his candidacy for President could go a long way toward uniting some of the third parties, giving them something substantial in common.

Some states require certain preliminary preparations before candidates can count as a write-in choice.  We can take care of all that so that anyone from any party anywhere in the country, can write in "Ron Paul" on their ballot if he is not already there by some party's sponsorship.

This independent, non-partisan, everyone-for-Ron-Paul-vote-for-him campaign could be a winner.  This petition will allow us to see just how feasible it could be.


Sterling D. Allan
current facilitator

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*Congressman Ron Paul has chosen not to run for President but to focus on his reelection to Congress

Sterling D. Allan for President of the United States 2004

Sterling D. Allan for President of the United States 2004
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