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A GPS device and a hunger for adventure are all you need for high tech treasure hunting. Here you can find the latest caches ind in this fun and exciting sport.

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Upcoming Event Caches (View the event calendar)

Event Cache (1/1) 7/22/2004 New geo group..hopefully by grandkid 38 (GCJJJ6)
Event Cache There are 3 bugs in this cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 Fleischeslust (Cache n´Grill Teil 2) by lagavulin and gps-guru(s) (GCJDBW)
Event Cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 Freiburger Geocaching-Stammtisch Juli 2004 by speedy67 (GCK0WY)
Cache In Trash Out Event (1/1) 7/24/2004 Pack 49 Annual Geocaching CITO of Moose Creek by Northern Trekker (GCK0CT)
Event Cache There are 12 bugs in this cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 Grub, Grog, and Geocachers by Conejo Cachers and Friends (GCJR94)
Event Cache There are 4 bugs in this cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 Paint's BiMillenium Lardfest by paintfiction (GCK14W)
Event Cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 GPSr plus Compass - Into the Woods! by Panther in the Den and philroi (GCK0VX)
Event Cache There are 10 bugs in this cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 Bertha Brock Park Camping Cache-o-Rama by TheDenvernators (GCJBD4)
Event Cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 Great Falls 1st 'Homo Sapians' Cache by XVampire (GCJT2B)
Event Cache There are 23 bugs in this cache (1/1) 7/24/2004 Harriman Pirates & Picnic Event by Captain Avroair (GCJKP7)
New York

Recent Cache Logs (Last 20 posted online)

Found it 7/3/2004 Q-xing found What a View!!! Utah [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 davee-n-cachincarrie found Beehunter Hiking Trail New York [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 Lotus found Bicycle Races, 17, Bourg d’Oisans-Le Grand Bornand Texas [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 yooper trooper found Olson Memorial Falls Michigan [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 Seven-Up found Gimme a Break - I 390 Southbound New York [visit log]
Write note 7/19/2004 Rogue23 posted a note for Sunshine State HAPPY 2 Florida [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 TRUROKR found CD EXCHANGE CACHE 2 California [visit log]
Write note 7/22/2004 saso792 posted a note for Clay County Covered Bridge Kansas [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 Guelph Tvguy found Trail Bug Ontario [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 Nasty George found Charro Georgia [visit log]
Found it 4/24/2004 BAD DOGS found broken crossing Oregon [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 Frog Man found Kings Park I I Florida [visit log]
Found it 7/21/2004 ~Bailey~ found Murkwood Cache Massachusetts [visit log]
Found it 7/2/2004 Q-xing found Darn Dam Cache Utah [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 skroz found Gilligan's Fishing Hole Ohio [visit log]
Didn 7/11/2004 jleecollins couldn't find North Bay's Billy Goats Gruff Ontario [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 Seven-Up found An Englishman in DC District of Columbia [visit log]
Found it 7/15/2004 Crazy Dukes found Monumental Discovery Ontario [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 GreenGuys found Kid Kache 1 Alabama [visit log]
Found it 7/22/2004 spinystars found Bog Pond Boodle Massachusetts [visit log]
Last Generated: 7/22/2004 6:33:54 PM (PST)

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Geocaching in the News
We've been getting some great press out there. So much, in fact, that we've dedicated a page to document all the great stories from the media. Some even went out with geocachers around the world to find caches in their local area.




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