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This Issue
(Winter 02-03)
  - Lefty


An All-Tube Stereo Level Indicator!
  - 6EM7 Push-Pull Amplifier
The 6JU8/6JU8A Tube Rectified Foreplay Preamp

Marcel and Clovis

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Vacuum State of the Art Conference
October 3 through 5, 2003
Silverdale, WA


Current Articles

Lefty - One Fine Parafed Preamp.
y "Jersey" Rick Henthorn [read more...]

An All-Tube Stereo Level Indicator!
by Marc Schutte [read more...]

6EM7 Push-Pull
by Pete Palmer [read more...]

First Steps on a Path Where I Think I’ll Be Spending a Lot of Time - All-DHT PP/Bridged SE 45 Monoblocks named Marcel & Clovis.
by Phil Sieg [read more...]

Past Articles
Love Kitten A transformer-coupled passive preamp.
by Jeff Poth
[read more...]
Batteries Not Included A battery powered OTL headphone amplifier.
by Nathan Lewis
[read more...]
More on the 6GM8
by Bill Ramsey
[read more...]
Passive Line Level Crossover A little toy for playing with speakers.
by Paul Joppa
[read more...]

Kugelis 'Grated Spuds from Lithuania
from VALVE Volume 8 Issue 1

By Doc B.
[read more...]

Pride and Prejudice Hey Punk! Who said you get the output Transformer?
by Anthony Dockrill [read more...]
The Simplex Single-ended 6C33 Audio Amplifier
by Ari Polisois [read more...]
Simplex Redux A bit more of the details of Ari's unique direct-coupled amplifier, the Simplex, and his DCMB concept.
by Ari Polisois [read more...]
Mathematical Derivation of the Parafeed Output Stage A mathematical and graphical model of parallel-feed.
by Bill Ramsey [read more...]

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