The Sage of Malatra
Played by Gregory A. Dreher, RPGA #144867

Male Tiger Katanga 8th Level Mage

Str: 8 Int: 16 Height: 173 cm Hair: Black
Dex: 18 Wis: 11 Weight: 55 kg Eyes: Yellow-Green
Con: 16 Chr: 6 Age: 21 Alignment: LG

Saving Throws
Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic: 10 +4 versus dodgeable attacks
Rod, Staff, Wand: 6
Petrification, Polymorph: 8
Breath Weapon: 10
Spell: 7

AC Normal: -1 AC Rear: 3 Hit Points: 42

Weapon Proficiencies: Quarterstaff (#AT 1, THAC0 18, Dmg 1-6/1-6), Dart (#AT 3, THAC0 16, Dmg 1-3/1-2).

Natural Attacks: Tiger form (Claw/Claw/Bite; #AT 3, THAC0 18, Dmg 2-5/2-5/1-10), Biped form (Claw/Claw/Bite; #AT 3, THAC0 18, Dmg 1-3/1-3/1-6).

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Hiding 14, Light Sleeping 15, Spellcraft 14, Hunting 10, Alertness 14, Tumbling 18, Boating 12, Running 10, Foraging 14, Lacerial Sign Language 14, Runestick 15, Lore 11.


Spells Available: 4 1st level, 3 2nd level, 3 3rd level, 2 4th level.

 1st Level  2nd Level  3rd Level  4th Level  5th Level
 Armor  Alter Self  Clairvoyance Charm Monster Wall of Stone
 Burning Hands  Blur  Dispel Magic  Evard’s Black Tentacles  
 Light  Levitate  Hold Person  Polymorph Other  
 Magic Missile  Web Melf’s Minute Meteors   Stoneskin  
 Sleep   Slow    
 Spider Climb    Spectral Forces    Runestick spells
    Tongues     Hidden spell

Magic Items: Runestick of the Lacerials, necklace of the Simbara, fetish of protection +1, emerald eye.

Tribe-Related Items: Necklace of fish scales (+2 Zantira), stone wood (+1 living trees), gratitude of Kitari (favors, Saiyama), bracelet of the Wise Ones (friendship, Wise Ones), woven hanging blanket (gift from the Boo Toos).

Competition Prizes: Blowgun of the Sumbuki (helped the Shu that didn’t fit), necklace of garuda teeth (represented the victorious Yilgoma tribe), statue of Creena the Jungle Spirit (third place, Challenge of Warriors), carved spear (third place, Challenge of Warriors), pointing stone (participant in the Karukiad), spirit mask (from the Festival Walk of the Dohi-ri).

Gems and Jewelry: Garnet necklace, leather corded necklace (no stone missiles left), bone necklace, 2 small green gems, beaded animal necklace, lion-headed necklace.

Storage Items: Garuda foot quiver, thatch pack, numerous bandoleers made from springy vines.

Prized possessions: Toy spelljammer ship (slightly chewed on), oscray doll (slightly distended), ash from the Yaku Plains, brown rabbit foot, pouch of runesticks, 2 strange runes of the ancients, ceramic tiles

Other souvenirs: Various feathers, mandibles, fangs, teeth, tips of tails, hair, beaks, tentacles, and spikes from defeated creatures; various preserved flowers, moss, seaweed, and leaves; beeswax; various pretty stones.

Food and drink: Prime rib of multiple types of garuda, honey, mango, coconut, aruba nuts, cashew nuts, gourd of water, two gourds of shameo.

Brews, slaves, and oils: Fragrant oil, neutralize poison salve, herbal poison relief brew, brew of healing, healing dream salve, remove fear salve, cure disease berries.

Weapons: Quarterstaff, 18 darts.

Appearance: Ffft is a young-looking tiger katanga, somewhat taller but very thin and lithe. He is dwarfed by many tiger katanga warriors, including a certain Great Hunter who refers to him as "Runt." His black hair is always in an unkempt anime-style state, and his yellow-green eyes sparkle with mirth. Ffft is normally smiling, and overly energetic.

Aside from a loincloth, Ffft wears only bandoleers from which hang a bizarre assortment of items.


Ffft can’t remember his past, but if he could, he would recall being born the runt of a litter of five cubs. His brothers and sisters were protective, sharing their kills with him to help him grow strong. Still, Ffft remained the smallest. When he was eight years old, and his brothers and sisters were hunting, Ffft went exploring, and found something strange. His curiosity getting the best of him, he wandered right into a ruin of the Ancients. Powerful magic rendered him unconscious for some time, and when he awoke, Ffft could remember little of his past save his own name.

For many years, Ffft wandered the jungle, trying to find his family, following only vague images and sounds from his dreams. He traveled to many tribes, meeting many people, but few knew any of the solitary tiger katanga. Perhaps his family’s concern was unnecessary, because while still small, Ffft has been able to fend for himself over all these years.

Ffft has learned much through his travels, even gaining an understanding of the mystical world. The wise witch doctor Bengoukee recognized this budding talent, and helped Ffft learn how to draw power from fetishes. With these powers, he has helped many tribes with their problems, gradually gaining more power. He has met the Golden Child of three generations ago; met the lacerials, aarakocra, butu, oscray, and other faraway races; traveled to exotic tribes like the Kukalatu and Zantira; and survived garuda, yuan-ti, manscorpions, and numerous other deadly foes. At all times, Ffft learned from his experiences, and took souvenirs to remind him of his travels.

Recently, Bengoukee recognized Ffft’s vast knowledge of many topics by declaring him to be the Sage of Malatra. Ffft now sits on the Council of Elders, despite his young age (made even younger by an encounter with a time elemental). Few residents of Malatra, save for the great witch doctors, have a greater understanding of the mystical world. Ffft now knows that his knowledge must be used if Tamara is ever to be defeated.


Ffft talks incessantly, often not making much sense. He talks even when others can’t follow his rapid pace. For years, he had only himself to talk to, and so he enjoys talking.

Ffft is always happy, and is normally found smiling. He is playful and curious, with his curiosity often getting him into trouble. He gets surprised easily, but he recovers quickly. Ffft never thinks about failure; in fact, he never feels threatened, no matter how powerful his foe is. He will try just about anything.

Because of having lost part of his memories, Ffft never wants to forget again. He collects small items to help him remember his past adventures. These items look rather strange kept on Ffft’s body, hanging from numerous vines, but he doesn’t care.

Ffft favors his Nubari form, but changes to his tiger form when hunting.

Ffft’s thoughts about other heroes:
His best friend is Kiva St. Croix, a beautiful river tam’hi woman. She is very calm, and a fine peacemaker. Traveling with her has taught Ffft to be careful with his fire spells.
Mali the White, whom Ffft calls "Mali the Dumb," is a frequent antagonist. Even though Mali is at least 40 cm taller than Ffft, and about twice as heavy, Ffft often called Mali by this name. Now that he is the Sage of Malatra, Ffft no longer uses that name.
Another tiger katanga, Grompth, is another antagonist. Grompth is very full of himself, and his attitude of superiority is just that. There’s nothing to back up his claims of being a mighty warrior.
Ffft has adventured with a number of strong but dumb warriors, including the korobokorus Urre and Tokamac, the caiman katangas Po, Son of Tog and Me, and the saru Mwa. He views them as mostly harmless, but good companions when the mighty garuda attack.
Ffft has met many powerful shamen, including Mashok Bonedrinker, another friend. This Wise Ones shaman and his giant insects are frequent companions. Other shamen Ffft has met include Sabar the Gruesome, Big Chucka, and Zulka.
A recent traveling companion, a clever snake katanga named Suulthah, was very impressed by Ffft’s power. Suulthah is now an advisor to Ffft.

 Ffft's next adventure will be Dark Village at Weekend in Malatra I, West Hartford, CT.

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