Male Aarakocra 4th level Fighter/4th level Cleric

Str: 16 Int: 14 Height: 170 cm Feathers: Orange-Yellow
Dex: 15 Wis: 17 Weight: 32 kg Eyes: Black
Con: 7 Chr: 6 Age: 24 Alignment: NG

Saving Throws
Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic: 9 +1 versus dodgeable attacks, +3 versus mental attacks
Rod, Staff, Wand: 13
Petrification, Polymorph: 12
Breath Weapon: 15
Spell: 14

AC Normal: 6 AC Rear: 7 Hit Points: 26 Hero Points: 3

Weapon Proficiencies: Javelin (#AT 1, THAC0 17, Dmg 2-8+1/2-8+1)

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Tracking 11, Sound Imitation 15, Danger Sense 16, Foraging 12, Speak Aarakocra, Speak Nubari 15, Survival (Savannah) 14, Herbalism 12, Lacerial Sign Language 12

Spells Available: 5 1st level spells, 4 2nd level spells

Items: 2 finely crafted javelins, ceramic javelin, 4 javelins, carved drum, wooden bowl, aarakocra statue, amber gem with image of a Nubari woman inside, jade stone, necklace of the Kuamu, necklace of animal teeth, firestarting glass, brew of extra-healing, emerald of the Rudra, 6 barbed darts

Special Boons: Gift of the Dreamlands, Boon of Ngemba

A proud Aarakocra stands before you. He struts, revealing his well-defined frame

"I am Aarak, Mightiest of the Aarakocra and One with the Spirits of Air!"

He looks a bit frail, by the standards of other races.

"I see you looking at me! Aarak is not dinner! And you may not have any of Aarak's feathers."

He assumes a slightly defensive posture.

"Aarak hails from the Rayana Savannah, where Those Who Soar dwell. Since Aarak is so strong, Aarak is the one of his people to travel through the jungle, to brave the lands where trees cover the skies. And so Aarak has traveled far, and faced great foes. Aarak has seen the ruins of the ancients, and defeated the last headshrinker."

 Aarak's next adventure will be Courage of a Coward, at ShaunCon XVII.

Last updated September 25th, 1999