Bandai to release long-awaited homosexual shooter!        
Posted on 04.01.2004 at 05:04:20

Not really anime-related, unless you count the fangirls who'd go for it!

This just in! Coming out(how appropriate!) in N. America on April 1, 2005 from Bandai is the PS2 installment of the popular series Choaniki! For those who weren't aware, Choaniki is a "shooter" which features effeminate body-builders. But that's not all! Proceeds for each copy sold will go to a gay marriage legal defense fund. When asked to comment about this, Bandai rep Jerry Chu issued the following statement: "We at Bandai are very proud to cater to people with alternate lifestyles! In fact, as everyone already knows, nothing says "gay" more than one of our games! And with shonen ai and yaoi manga and anime out-selling the heterosexual kind, you'd have to be a fool not to cash in on the phenomenon!" So there you have it, folks! Straight(well in my case, anyway) from the horse's mouth! Oh, and if you pre-order today, you get a free bottle of vaseline with your favorite bishonen on the cover!

-by Daniel Zelter

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