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"Air Attack Planned on U.S. For October 2004"
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'Psyching up 'Al Qaeda' weapons of mass destruction, flight tracks and targeting' 
Clueless 9-11 Commission Cheats American Public
"It was Al Qaeda in the airports and airplanes, with the dagger,
revolver, rope, lead pipe, candlestick and spanner"
Copyright Joe Vialls, 23 July 2004
This video footage was NOT filmed at Washington Dulles Airport on 11 September 2001 at 7:18 AM !
            It is perfectly reasonable to claim the primary role of the vaunted 9-11 Commission was to forever cement public belief in the fictional 'Al Qaeda Terrorist Group' for geopolitical reasons, but it is relatively hard to prove this is the case. In order to establish this point beyond any reasonable doubt, we must use hard evidence to prove conclusively that the Commission wittingly deceived the American public, using materials it knew or at least suspected to be forged.
            Rather than try to combat the overwhelming quantity of creative bulldust that has eminated from this corrupt group of government-user-friendly traitors, we will go for quality instead, homing in on two areas of glaring deceit that are central to events as they unfolded on the morning of 11 September 2001.
            Once we have exposed these two major frauds, the 9-11 Commission Report will effectively be defused, and can then be treated in the same manner as the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In other words, a deliberately misleading government whitewash derided by all Americans with an IQ higher than fifty.
            The two biggest pieces of disinformation wittingly peddled by the 9-11 Commission are the claims that four 'hijackers' were filmed checking in for Flight 77 at Dulles Airport  at 0718 hrs on 11 September 2004, and a parallel claim that the voices of the 'hijackers' allegedly on board Flights 11 and 175 were heard and are proved by air traffic control tapes. Both claims are blatant lies, so let us set about destroying them.
          Starting with the 'conclusive' Dulles Airport video footage suddenly released by the media on the eve of 9-11 Commission Report publication, first ask yourself where you ever viewed airport security camera footage completely devoid of camera identification numbers, and without any date:time clocks. Just this single terminal at Dulles Airport has well over 100 such cameras, every one of them with an individual camera ident number and date:time clock of its own.
         On-film data is essential of course, because it would be extremely difficult to track a target around the airport without  these basic tools, and absolutely impossible to sort out the precise time and date of an event that occured more than two years before, which is exactly what the 9-11 Commission now claims to have done. Clever, huh?
          Those 'experts' who might wish to claim that the ident numbers and date:time clocks were edited out of every single frame for extra clarity, had best forget it. I have personally examined  every available frame blown up over twenty times, and there is not a trace of editing. No matter where or when this footage was filmed, what you see is what you get.
           It actually does get worse than this. Unwilling to believe that anyone is the U.S. Government would be stupid enough to publish such crude forgeries, I spent a small fortune on mobile phone calls to Washington to ensure that ALL of the footage I had viewed was included in this 'Dulles Airport security video package'. Indeed it was, right down to the cab you see parking outside the terminal in the center top photograph.
            In order to understand the sheer treachery of the 9-11 Commission, we need to get a little technical for a couple of paragraphs.  Dulles Airport is located at Latitude 38:53:27 N and  Longitude 77:00:40 W. On the morning of 11 September 2001, sunrise was at  06:46 AM, Noon (when the sun is at its highest  point in the sky) was at 1:05 PM, and sunset was at 7:23 PM. To quote the US Naval Observatory:-
            "Sunrise and sunset conventionally refer to the times when the upper edge of the disk of the Sun is on the horizon, considered unobstructed relative to the location of interest. Atmospheric conditions are assumed to be average, and the location is in a level region on the Earth's surface." 
           End of technical lesson, but I feel sure you can see where all this is leading. Take another much closer look at the photographs at the top of this page, which are unedited extracts from the 9-11 Commission's alleged 'hijacker' video footage. Better still, play back a full size copy on your VCR and freeze-frame at the appropriate points.
            The 9-11 Commission is asking you to believe that this video was filmed just 32 minutes after "the upper edge of the Sun is on the horizon" at sunrise. Oh, sure! Do you see the footprint size shadow underneath the cab, and the brilliant sunshine streaming in through the open doors? On a full-screen picture you can even see the miniscule short [near vertical] shadows of the people standing outside the doors.
            What these factors prove in unequivocal scientific terms, is that this video footage was filmed at Dulles Airport sometime between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM, though of course we do not know on which day or even which week. However, if this footage had been filmed as claimed at 7:18 AM,  the shadows would have been fully three times as long, and the light intensity at least 50% less.
            Hard science and the use of basic astronomical tables have thus defeated the 9-11 Commission's trump disinformation, which in turn was ruthlessly fed to you by the willing and thoroughly subverted American media. Why these men were filmed at Dulles in the first place is now of only minor interest, because we have proved they were not involved in the events of 11 September 2001, but the other possibilities are chilling.
            We know from its own admission that the FBI had some of these men under surveillance up to four months earlier, because of hyped up alleged links to 'Al Qaeda'. It is also noteworthy that special intelligence video cameras are normally hot-wired to a nearby existing camera connection, in this case presumably belonging to Dulles Airport.
            So this may have been earlier FBI surveillance footage, or footage from a private or international contractor, possibly hired to get the men on film before they were killed and buried in shallow graves. The possibilities are endless but they are also speculative, and I do not much like speculation. Conspiracy theorists please follow up this lead.


            The other piece of mythical cement binding the 9-11 Commission's story together, was the sensational claim that official air traffic control tapes had captured the voices of the 'hijackers' allegedly on board American Flight 11 and United Flight 175 [the two WTC attack planes], with the hissing and muttered sounds of threats on the tape from these 'hijackers', once again faithfully relayed to you by a bunch of American media whores in New York.
            Unfortunately for the American public it was disinformation again, and quite likely to be believed by the majority, because very few members of the public are familiar with airline radio  telephony. This is not a criticism but simple reality, which someone somewhere was determined to exploit to the utmost. So for those who do not fly airliners for a living, which means most of us, here are a few useful pointers.
              Although it is possible to positively identify an individual aircraft by its unique secondary radar [IFF] pulse, it is not possible to positively identify which aircraft a voice radio message is coming from. Indeed, as we will shortly see, the voice could equally easily be coming from an aparrtment block or an automobile. At best all you can hope for is an approximate heading derived from radio direction finding equipment, but what if the apartment  block or automobile lies in roughly the same direction? The simple and only answer is that you cannot discriminate between the aircraft, the apartment block, or the automobile.
            Because we are all used to using landline or mobile telephones, we take positive identification for granted. The ten to twenty digits you dial into the handset guarantee that you will be connected to your wife, Tom's Hardware Store, or even [heaven forbid] the Federal Government in Washington, DC. Using a phone is part of your life and you only rarely dial wrong numbers by mistake. Then you might wind up accidentally talking to someone else's wife, or even to George W. Bush if he knew what the ringing sound meant.
           Trust me here, the watch word is "identification", and the 9-11 Commission does not have any identification at all, not even a lousy scrap. The air traffic tapes exist of course, and those are very real voices out there mumbling to the air traffic controllers. The only important questions are who did the voices belong to, and exactly where were their radio transmitters located? The reason that these tapes were never made public before, is because the U.S. Federal Government knows there is not a trace of the voices of any known crew member on board either aircraft, at any point in the tape.
            Realistically this means that both airliners suddenly went radio-silent immediately after departure from Logan, or the voices would be on that tape. In turn this proves that whoever or more likely 'whatever' took control of both aircraft, did so while the planes were in their steep climb out from the airport, which is a lightning-fast hijack by any standard. From that point in time there was complete radio silence, broken only by indistiguishable voices muttering from an unknown location or locations.
            Asking why the air traffic controllers were speaking to these people is pointless, because the controllers had no idea who they were talking to. All they knew is that when they called either Flight 11 or Flight 175 to establish their positions in three-dimensional space, a gutteral voice then transmitted in turn on the same frequency with veiled threats.
           Because the controllers were anxiously waiting for a reply [made even more urgent because both IFF secondary radar transponders had apparently failed], they understandably assumed that the voices were coming from the aircraft they were trying to contact. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to steal an identity by behaving exactly as your target would. In this case, the anonymous voices simply waited for the controllers to call either Flight 11 or Flight 175, then clicked their own transmit switches and hissed menacingly for a few seconds.
           The 9-11 Commission should have explained all this to you, but naturally did not want to do so. If the 'Christian' Crusade against Islam is to stay firmly on track, then you the American taxpayers must be treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on shit, while your sons and daughters are sent to die needlessly in the Middle East.
            In the considered view of this author, it would be a much better idea to send certain members of the 9-11 Commission and the U.S. Federal Government to the Middle East instead, for some truly titillating 110V electrical 'truth therapy' and sodomy at Abu Ghraib Prison.
             Those readers who would prefer to personally verify the ambiguous and omnidirectional nature of the radio telephony on 9-11, may do so by clicking on the link below, which is the actual audio track of Cleveland Air Traffic Center as its personnel tried unsucccessfully to make contact with the doomed Flight 93. As with the tapes of Flight 11 and Flight 175, the mumbled 'terrorist' transmissions are carefully masked with with high-pitched microphone 'feedback', making identification impossible.
            If using dialup you will have to be patient, the audio file is 1.4 megabytes long and takes a while to download. However, in terms of comprehensively exposing the the appalling level of disinformation directed at the American people by the corrupt 9-11 Commission, it is well worth the waiting time.