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Top Stories

Sunspot Grows to 20 Times Size of Earth
Yahoo News, 15 hours ago - A sunspot group aimed squarely at Earth has grown to 20 times the size of our planet and has the potential to unleash a major solar storm.   [read more]

'Showgirls' Bares All in Self-Mocking DVD
Yahoo News, 9 hours ago
AP - It was "42nd Street" with pasties, "All About Eve" with a G-string. Only those movies were cinema classics, while "Showgirls" was so bad that adjectives such as awful, wretched and appalling somehow seemed too kind. But if a film festers in video stores long enough, ...   [read more]

Correlation between caffeine intake at mealtime and increased glucose and insulin levels among ..., 16 hours ago
Duke University Medical Center researchers at have found a strong correlation between caffeine intake at mealtime and increased glucose and insulin levels among people with type-2 diabetes.   [read more]

Kansas Judge Blocks Sex Reporting Law, 10 hours ago
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Reuters) - A federal judge in Kansas has told officials they may not make doctors, school counselors and others report sexual activity by someone younger than 16 as sexual abuse.   [read more]

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Bush Considers Speedy Moves on 9/11 Report, 7 hours ago

Gore: Every vote counts -- and should be counted, 2 hours ago

Not so special delivery -- community gets mailbox bashing (via, 2 hours ago

Huge turnout at ISA debate as Nazri and Lim battle it out (via, 2 hours ago

The UN holds the key, 2 hours ago

Court in Russia Orders Oil Shareholder Arrested, 5 hours ago


MoveOn Moves Up in the World
Wired, 12 hours ago
Six years ago, two software designers fed up with the way government worked created a stir with an online petition. Now is a political powerhouse. By Kim Zetter.   [read more]

The Kennedy factor in the '04 race
Christian Science Monitor, 9 hours ago
Help from a liberal lion has aided Kerry at key moments, despite its risks with swing voters.   [read more]

Fishing expert cites shortcomings in Scott Peterson's technique, 4 hours ago
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) Scott Peterson's choice of gear to go fishing for sturgeon in San Francisco Bay didn't suggest he wanted to catch anything, a prosecution expert testified Monday.   [read more]

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Vast potential for Modenas bikes in Indonesia (via, 3 hours ago
Expressing his confidence, Malaysian ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Hamidon Ali said Modenas motorcycles could make better inroads into Indonesia given their competitive edge and quality.   [read more]

Studies in Russia good, too (via, 4 hours ago
KUALA LUMPUR: Mention studying in Russia and to most people it will conjure up an image of poor quality education, harsh living conditions and freezing temperature.   [read more]

Darfur, Beyond Description, 6 hours ago
Congress calls it genocide. The Bush administration calls it ethnic cleansing. The European Union calls it a massive violation of human rights.   [read more]

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`Bourne' debuts as box-office top gun with $52.5 million, 4 hours ago
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Matt Damon has carried out another hit. His sequel "The Bourne Supremacy," about amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne, debuted with $52.5 million, nearly twice the take of "The Bourne Identity" during its first weekend.   [read more]

Gang member jailed after murder (via, 8 hours ago
A gang member who helped murder a teenage student and then fled to America has been jailed for life.   [read more]

Moore to Show 'Fahrenheit' in Bush's Texas Town, 8 hours ago
CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - Filmmaker Michael Moore will bring his antiwar documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" to President Bush's Texas hometown on Wednesday and has invited the commander-in-chief to attend the viewing, organizers said.   [read more]

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Thousands of Abbey jobs at risk, 3 hours ago
Thousands of IT and head office jobs at Abbey were on the line last night after the bank confirmed acceptance of the 8bn offer from Spain's largest bank.   [read more]

REDtone set to keep growing (via, 2 hours ago
DISCOUNTED call provider REDtone International Bhd, which announced rather impressive first quarter results yesterday, is confident of maintaining good growth momentum for the rest of its financial year ending ...   [read more]

Real 'frees' Apple's iPod player (via, 10 hours ago
Software firm RealNetworks says it has found a way for tunes from its store to be played on devices like Apple iPods.   [read more]

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Exercise: A Workout Without the Gym, 4 hours ago
iabetics should not just think about the gym when it comes to protecting their hearts, according to a study from Finland released yesterday. It found that physical activity on the job had as big an effect as leisure-time workouts in ...   [read more]

Osteoporosis visits are up, 2 hours ago
US doctor visits for osteoporosis increased nearly fivefold from 1994 to 2003, but probably half of all women with the bone-thinning disease still have not been diagnosed, a study reports today.   [read more]

Sevenfold surge seen in osteoporosis cases (via, 2 hours ago
The number of Americans found to have osteoporosis surged sevenfold over the past decade, coinciding with the development and marketing of new drugs to treat the bone-thinning condition, a study found.   [read more]

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Audiogalaxy founder tries new P2P venture (via, 2 hours ago
Two years after finding his way off the recording industry's "most wanted" list, Audiogalaxy founder Michael Merhej is back with a new peer-to-peer software venture.   [read more]

Infineon's fashion alliance produces multimedia jacket, 5 hours ago
The smart jacket is being redefined. Forget chic and think chip; Bluetooth rather than houndstooth. The latest designer-special plays music and hooks up to your mobile phone.   [read more]

Modern Day Noahs Race to Build Wildlife Gene Bank (via, 5 hours ago
Scientists are racing to set up a gene bank of the world's endangered animals, with thousands of species expected to become extinct within a generation due to climate change and habitat destruction.   [read more]

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Newsweek correspondents on the DNC, 6 hours ago
Richard Wolffe: What does John Kerry have to do in his Thursday hight speech (apart from accepting the nomination)? The conventional wisdom is that the senator needs to bond with the undecideds, convey something of his non-Senate life that makes voters ...   [read more]

Rodriguez plans to appeal any suspension he might receive, 2 hours ago
New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez plans to appeal any suspension he might receive for his role in Saturday's brawl with the Boston Red Sox.   [read more]

Hassell signs six-year offer sheet with Blazers (via, 3 hours ago
Trenton Hassell signed an offer sheet with the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday, giving Minnesota 15 days to decide whether it wants to match the offer and keep the restricted free agent.   [read more]

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The Bourne Supremacy - Don't Sit in the Front of the Theater (via, 11 hours ago
Matt Damon is back once again as spy Jason Bourne in "The Bourne Supremacy." But just who is Jason Bourne? This movie picks up nearly 2 years after the end of the first, "The Bourne Identity," and Bourne and ...   [read more]

Grant Wood returns to life (via, 6 hours ago
Grant Wood has been called Iowa s most beloved artist. During his lifetime, however, he was famous, but perhaps misunderstood.   [read more]

Sir Ben Talks Shakespeare and 'Thunderbirds' (via, 4 hours ago
Sir Ben Kingsley is adamantly unapologetic for role of the villain in "Thunderbirds." The actor, who was knighted three years ago, won an Oscar for playing "Gandhi" in 1982 and is otherwise a three-time ...   [read more]

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Fighter pilots could command drone 'swarms'
New Scientist, 12 hours ago
Up to five unmanned planes operated by software 'agents' could be sent out to 'search and destroy'   [read more]

'Frozen Ark' to save animal DNA
BBC, 2 hours ago
The genetic make-up of endangered species is to be preserved for the future in a major new project.   [read more]

Double Whammy: Asteroids Delivered One-Two Punch
Yahoo News, 15 hours ago - A pair of 35-million-year-old craters on Earth thought to have been carved by comets now appears to be the result of a broken asteroid that generated a slowly delivered shower of debris over millions of years.   [read more]

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A Review and a Rant
Slate, 10 hours ago
When books just want to be movies.   [read more]

Dispatches From Fallujah
Slate, 8 hours ago
How does a civilian get to Fallujah, Iraq?   [read more]

Booed at Fenway
Weekly Standard, 9 hours ago
John Kerry's pitch to Red Sox Nation was a bust. But the real problem is that he's trying to be someone he's not.   [read more]

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More Top Stories

Data on Air Quality at World Trade Center Site Released, 5 hours ago
fter the World Trade Center collapsed, air samples collected nearby showed that levels of some cancer-causing chemicals had soared but then fell so quickly that the pollution spike was unlikely to increase cancer risks in nearby ...   [read more]

Israel expands West Bank settlements, 5 hours ago
Months after Ariel Sharon announced his dramatic plan to pull Jewish settlers out of Gaza, portraying it as a sacrifice for peace, the government is grabbing more land for West Bank settlements.   [read more]

West Nile virus found in Reno area, 5 hours ago
Three dead birds found in the Reno area have tested positive for the West Nile virus, health officials said Monday.   [read more]

Lonely campaign Indian Muslim woman takes on mullahs in the US (via, 11 hours ago
Indian Muslim Asra Nomani has found herself on the frontline of a battle for women's rights in Islam in the United States.   [read more]

Abductions surge in Iraq, 7 hours ago

Kerry's Wife Tells Reporter to 'Shove It'
Yahoo News, 13 hours ago

Will Smith Slams Marketing of Wife's Movie (via, 13 hours ago

Your favorite cheapskates (via, 8 hours ago

The Empire Blogs Back
Wired, 18 hours ago

Director Snipes at Star Tenor During Fest (via, 9 hours ago

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