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The 23rd Annual Duckboat Show and Waterfowl Festival
November 2, 2003

Set aside this date. The SSWA will be holding its 23rd Annual Duckboat Show and Waterfowl Festival coinciding with our 3rd Annual Food Drive.

Come on down to Cedar Beach Marina with your food donation, duckboat, and decoys to enter in the show and your shotgun for a round of clays. We are praying for another beautiful day so we have a lot of vendors, contestants, and spectators. See the boats, decoys, and buy some waterfowling items that you MUST HAVE.

Once again, I am asking our members to come out and lend a hand. Last year's show went so nicely due to the large turnout of our members helping out. Let's all volunteer again this year to make this show better than last year.

Directions: Located approximately 2 miles west of Oak Beach, the Cedar Beach Marina is on the north side of the barrier beach between Oak Beach and Gilgo (east of Jones Beach). It is accessible from Ocean Parkway; just look for the signs with the flying ducks. Be aware if you are pulling a trailer you may not use the Parkway system except for south of the Sunrise Highway (State Rt 27). To use Mapquest directions, enter Oak Beach and NY as city and state.

Flyer for 2003 show -- help publicize the show: print and ask to post at your favorite store, bulletin board, etc.
NY State Conservationist
article about the 2001 show.

Carvers and Clubs Wanted

I will be attempting to contact all clubs in an effort to enhance the decoy carving aspect of our Waterfowl Festival. I was hoping to bring together all of Long Island's Decoy Carving and Collecting Clubs.

My goal is to increase the number of entrants in the carving contest. The increased number of birds will bring more variety and enhance the quality of each class of bird.

What I'm asking is for each club on the Island to choose a "Qualified" member of its organization to act as a judge in our contest. Doing this, there will be more and different viewpoints to the quality of each bird being judged. This way only the best birds will be unanimously picked as our 1 st Place and Best in Show winners.

Clubs interested, please contact Curt Matzinger at (631) 661-0379.

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