Grab the MP or SP Demo!!
4 total Levels, Physics-enabled, DeathMatch and CTF, Arcade or Simulation. Download it today!

Be among the first to join the Resistance--pre-order your copy of Devastation today!

07.21.03: v390 Patch is now available.

This v390 patch is out! This patch allows Devastation gamers worldwide to play against each other, as well as updating the NPC and enemy AI !

06.19.03: The European patch is now available.

It brings the game to v381. This is not compatible with North American versions of Devastation, which fully patched is v380. Please do not download or install this patch if you are playing the North American version. You can grab the new European patch here.

06.05.03: Dedicated Server Available to Download.

You can get it in the Download area now.

05.28.03: Download Single Player Demo!

The Singleplayer demo of Devastation is now available, featuring two levels from the full game! Take control of Flynn and lead the Resistance through the war-torn streets of South Urbia as you fight your way to the Conformists hideout, then lead your team in a back and forth battle in a dirty subway system called Transit, dodging P*Laser fire that will burn you to a crisp in seconds. Devastation is rated Mature (M) for Violence, Blood and Gore, and the singleplayer demo is a 267 MB download.

04.09.03: v380 Patch available for download!

The patch for the retail version of Devastation is now available! It is a
67 MB download which will update the game to V380, and fixes a variety of issues. A partial changelog can be found in the forums.

The major fixes include sound changes for weapons, stability fixes for multiplayer, tweaks to the Territories gametype, a new server browser interface, and tons of other improvements that will make the game smoother and better. Download it now!

04.02.03: European Devastation Portal
  Looking for overseas Devastation info? Release dates, Forums, and territory specific contests! Find your local site at the European portal -


03.20.03: It's here!


The Multiplayer Demo for Devastation is now available for download! Featuring awesome weapons, cool in-game physics and both Death Match and Capture the Flag gametypes, the demo will give you a good taste of what Devastation Multiplayer is all about.

Check out the Downloads section to find out where you can get the demo.

03.15.03: New Screenshots
  New screenshots are available in Media, including some wicked shots of what happens when you get in the way of the P*Laser - one of Devastation's 40 unique weapons
03.11.03: Devastation is now GOLD!
  We are pleased to announce that Devastation has just gone GOLD! It is currently being sent for duplication and manufacture, and will be on retail shelves throughout North America in a couple of weeks. You can also preorder the game if you can't wait!
02.13.03: New screens and art work

Check out the 14 awsome new concept sketches we have added to the gallery. You can also scope the latest amazing screen shots that showcase weapons, enemies and unbelievable architecture.

01.14.03: Minimovies available in Downloads

Check out three awesome miniclips that show you and teammate Baxter laying waste to an Insane Asylum, give you an up-close look at how a rat sees the world, and take a tour through the war-torn streets of the Urbia Territories. Download them today!

12.13.02: Join us on IRC!
  We have set up an official IRC channel on the server: in the channel: #devastation
You can stop by to ask questions, say hi, or just idle. If you are unfamiliar with IRC you can connect with the java applet located at All you gotta do is enter a Nickname of your choice, put #devastation in the "Room" field and click "Connect." You'll be chatting it up with us in no time.
12.12.02: More Devastation Coverage with New Screens!
  Check out this Gamespy Preview that comes complete with 10 new screenshots! And when you're done there, head on over to Gamespot for their preview and 7 awesome new screenshots.
12.02.02: Devastation on Voodoo Extreme
  3 MiniMovies, screenshots and more are available for your viewing pleasure in this Voodoo Extreme interview with Vic DeLeon, Senior Producer at Digitalo!
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