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Weeks by the Pool
Weeks Parker : Educator - Author - Researcher -
Musician - Inventor - Historian

y name is Weeks Parker. I am a former college and high school band director, and once had my own twelve-piece, Glenn Miller-style orchestra that played throughout North Carolina. We also had a weekly radio broadcast where we played for dances at the Ray Avenue U. S. O. Club which was the largest in the United States.

 am a former teacher of radio, television, electronics, and robotics for Fayetteville Technical Community College on the Fort Bragg, North Carolina Campus, at the Army Education Center.

urrently, I am a wedding videographer and have authored six major books on a variety of subjects. Several of my electronic devices are now being used by researchers around the world who are experimenting with audio and radio frequencies that may one day evolve into a ray-type gun for instantly curing people of cancer and other diseases.

y wife, Myra, is a high school librarian, math, and computer teacher. We are both licensed Amateur Radio Station operators who enjoy talking to people all over the world through short wave radio. My call-letters are KC4VZA and Myra's are KC4VZE.

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Six Foot Tall Robots "Randy and Sandy" 11.78 and 17.033 Mhz 5 watt Transmiter UFO Interview Part 1
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Weeks Parker Band at the Highland Country Club Pulser Circuit for 11.78 Mhz Transmiter How to Think Positive
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Solar Charged Boat Before Modifications Beam Ray Audio Detector Mexico City UFO Video (45kbs)
Solar Charged Boat After Modifications Distilled Water Tester Weeks Parker Radio Jokes
The Rife/Bare Device Audio Cassette Duplicator Weeks Band - Washington Post March
Marching Band in the Rain Mouse at the Keyboard Strange ULF Radio Signal from Space
Weeks sitting by Rife/Bare machine Weeks Workshop Table Graph of ULF Radio Signal from Space
The Only Known Pen Picture of Jesus(rtf) Negative Viewing Image
Weeks and Myra in the Garden Optical Illusion
Why Good People Suffer (rtf) Close-up Jpg Image of UFO in Backyard Seven Lies Satan Wants You to Believe - John Hagee
Weeks video taping a wedding Experimental 11.78 Mhz Plate Device The theology of the Titanic
John Hagee
Myra Parker-Teacher of the Week What it is Like to Die
Kenneth Hagen
Adamski-Underside of UFO Counterfeit Conversion
Dusty Rhoades
Weeks on his Moped Where Are the Dead
Dr. Oliver B. Greene
Emergency Solar Power Van Two Choices (html)
Weeks and Myra on a Golf Cart Five Great Lessons (html)

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