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Wested Lamb

Wested's lamb skin is the best leather for aging I have seen so far. The tanning process of this leather allows you to really model the color. It is a real joy to age. Here is my new Wested Raiders lambskin jacket after I aged it with acetone and sand paper. Also it has Fuller's Earth (a movie dust) applied. I wanted my jacket to look more like the middle of the movie. It is a bit too new looking in the temple scene for my tastes. Note for color reference: inside of the collar and inside of wind flap were not treated. Those areas are the dark redish-brown new lambskin. You can really see it in the second photo.

I learned this method from the wardrobe people on "Band of Brothers" a new WWII mini-series by Spielberg and Hanks. They were aging leather jackets, boots and what not by putting a little acetone on a paper towel then rubbing off some of the color. Because it is wet, it will make the spot to appear darker at first. It can be very deceiving. It is best to work on a area about 4-5 inches then move to a new area while the previous dries. Wear rubber dish washing gloves so you do not get the dye and acetone on your hands. Make sure there is nothing in the pockets (notice the right pocket). Also a flat surface with no texture should be used. An ironing board would be ideal. DO NOT GET IT TOO WET! Be conservative, especially if you have a nylon lining. The acetone will melt the nylon if it soaks through. If you remove too much don't worry, just push some color over from a darker area (you will understand what I mean after you get started) After you have happy with the color use a fine sand paper to highlight the seems and edges. It is best that you finish all the acetone work before starting the sanding process because the raw leather will absorb the color and will never have that light color regardless of how much you sand. A word regarding acetone: It is a very flammable solvent. use in a well ventilated area. A fan blowing the fumes away from you is advised. Obviously avoid flame or sparks. You can get both items at most hardware or paint stores. After all is said and done I applied a sandy colored Fullers Earth with a powder puff (another movie trick) to make it look like it has had a tour of duty. It gets into the seems and looks great. You can get this from: 

Frends Beauty Supply
5270 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
No. Hollywood, CA 91607
(818) 769-3834
They have acetone too.

Good Luck!

This information is not intended to be a set of instructions. Working with solvents can be dangerous. If you try this yourself, you do so at your own risk. I take no responsibility for your actions. Use common sense.

Flight Suite's Chrome Goat
This was very different then aging my Wested lamb. Acetone removes the color TOO WELL on this leather. It doesn't allow you to push the color around like above. It just removes it. I only used acetone on the seems and edges with a q-tip. I found a commercial make-up brush cleaner (available at Frend's) worked better. I could lighten the amout of color.
Patterson on Aging FS Veg Seal Goat

"Rub it down with 91% alcohol to break down the top layer of varnish. Lightly rub with well-worn 220+ grit sandpaper - not hard enough to make any deep scratches, just enough to gradually remove pigment. Use circular moions. You'll need to apply this a few times, allowing the leather to "rest" between. The jacket really looked terrific after 4-5 treatments. Yesterday I gave the jacket a light treatment of Pecards as preparation for the summer heat up here in the high desert. She was dark and shiny when I went to bed last night, but the goatskin soaked up all the Pecards by the time I woke up. It looks even better and is more soft than I ever would have expected. "

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