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 Monday Brief -- 14 feature sections with short excerpts from commentary and essays covering a wide range of topics of interest to constitutional conservatives.
 Wednesday Chronicle -- an informative and entertaining selection of one-line historic quotes, current commentary (Left and Right) and humor in 8 feature sections.
 Friday Digest -- a comprehensive narrative summary and analysis of the week's most important news, policy and opinion -- a must-read for all conservative Americans.
 Founders Quote Daily -- Start your day with words of wisdom from The Federalist Patriot.

"The Federalist Patriot interprets current issues in the conservative context of history." --Cal Thomas, Author

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"The Federalist Patriot recalls the noble tradition of our Founders. 'Publius' would have admired and endorsed The Federalist Patriot, as do I." --Alan Keyes, Constitutional Scholar

"Liberals say and do so many nutty things. The Federalist Patriot puts them all in a nutshell--easy to crack and fun to read." --Marvin Olasky, Senior Fellow, Acton Institute

"The Federalist Patriot is the most informative and witty publication on the Internet. I read every issue!" --Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Syndicated Radio Host

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