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Tune Racer 2

Download Tune Racer 2

WARNING: Make sure there's a music CD in your CDROM drive before starting the game.

Unlike the original Tune Racer, your task is now to try and dodge the other cars. Avoid collisions and keep your score as low as you can. Notice the color of each enemy car because that tells you what music frequency they respond to. Red cars are bass and blue cars are treble. So watch out for red cars when the beat kicks in!

The tunnel twists and dips to the music - wait for an intense chorus and you'll have a long run downhill. Your car's speed is tied to the song as well, so get ready to lunge forward if the music is about to take off.

Tune Racer 2 includes a "Free Drive" mode which is a visualizer instead of a game. All the other cars are removed. It's also fun and is an especially good time to try out holding the space bar to watch the tunnel behind you.