ESQUIRE can trace its origins to a night in November 1982 when vocalist/songwriter Nikki Squire heard a band at the Embassy Club in London, called New Cross, the group had two members directly related to Nikki and naturally a friendship was struck.

Discovering the group needed rehearsal space, she offered the studio at the house.

The rest was inevitable, given the special blend of talents that would soon become Esquire.

Nikki began singing with the band, her voice and performance style worked well with them and Nikki quickly developed a creative rapport with the group's vocalist and bass player, Nigel McLaren

As a group New Cross was short lived but as a musical partnership, Nikki and Nigel continued.

Nigel´s previous experience included founding New Cross and playing, in studio and on stage, with a number of artists on the London scene.

Nikki's musical dossier included singing and songwriting with her ex- husband Chris Squire.She had collaborated with him on numerous projects including ¨ Run with the Fox¨, his solo album¨Fish out of Water¨and in his work with the group YES.

But Nikki and Nigel were on the trail of a whole new kind of sound. Contacting friend and producer Trevor Horn, the duo performed the original material for him. Trevor was more than intrigued, he promised to produce an album for them. Meanwhile, Nikki and Nigel were actively searching for a third member,

A keyboardplayer.

They found him in Charles Olins.

Olin's had been in-house sessions man for Trident Studios and had worked with both Yes and Julian Lennon, amongst others.

Esquire was completed as a threesome and immediately got down to work, writing and rehearsing...

And waiting.

Unwilling to hold off recording until Horn was able to finish production of Yes and Grace Jones, Esquire recorded and self-produced a series of tracks.

Geffen Records A&R man John Kolodner heard two of those original songs, ¨Knock Twice for Heaven¨and ¨Special Greetings¨ at London's legendary Sarm West Studios, and before 1986 was over, the trio had been signed to the label.

At that point, work was underway on Esquire's debut album. The group spent the next nine months in studios in London and Los Angeles, writing, arranging and producing their first long-player. Both Chris Squire and Trevor Horn lent their expertise at various stages of the mix of ¨To The Rescue,¨whilst Chris and Esquire mixed the album.

Special studio guests included guitarists Pat Thrall, Steve Topping and Eddie Golga, drummers Alan White, Jamie Lane and Dinky and backing vocals by Chris Squire, Nikki Squire and Carmen Squire, Chris and Nikki´s eldest daughter.

The result is Esquire's eponymously titled Geffen Records debut. Esquire the album, contains ten original songs and a sound that fuses the best of English progressive rock with a stripped down, emotionally resonant energy.

The next album


One of my favorite songs of this collection is "Tron Thomi" a song about ecology, God, religion and a little girl's point of view.,

Chandrika, Chris and my middle daughter's nickname is "Tronika", so she had some influence.

Some conceptual, some softer songs are on this c.d.


My dedication to our daughters Carmen, Chandrika and Camille for their love and support and the same goes for my mum Rose and Lola my little sister, we have all protected one another in so many ways.




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