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EFF Open Audio License:

Version 2.0

EFF designates the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license as version 2.0 of the Open Audio License.

The Creative Commons licenses express the same principles as the original Open Audio License—a recognition that some creators want to make their works available to the public on less restrictive terms than copyright's defaults, with permission to copy, distribute, adapt, and publicly perform their works. We move to the Creative Commons licenses because consistency in licensing and the CC licenses' machine-readable code will help both listeners and creators to find and combine works more easily. Creators may review Creative Commons' license selection process for further guidance on choosing a "some rights reserved" license.

Works licensed under "OAL, any version" can be used interchangeably with Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0. Works licensed under the terms of "OAL, version 1.0" continue to be available on the terms of that license, although their copyright holders may re-license the works.

Creative Commons License