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USA Roller Sports Candidates for the 2004 Board of Directors Elections
on Thursday, May 27 @ 00:00:01 EDT
Under the USARS By-Law procedures which apply to the election of the Board of Directors, the Athlete Nominating Committee is charged with reviewing the qualifications of the hockey athlete candidates.  The other USARS Nominating Committee, comprised of Regional Association delegates, screens the qualifications . . .  Read More

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dingbat 2004 Official Notice
USA ROLLER SPORTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING LAS VEGAS, NEVADA FEBRUARY 26-27-28, 2004 The following actions resulted from the USA Roller Sports Annual Board of Directors Meeting, . . . Read More

The five ring U.S. Olympic mark is the primary and official mark of the U.S. Olympic Team.  This logo consists of the Olympic Symbol with "USA" appearing above the rings.  Please be advised that USA Roller . . . Read More

dingbat USA Advanced Coaches Testing Sites
Don Allen 243 Madrid Lane Madera, CA 93637 Phone: (559) 673-7230 Robert Anderson 6209 Riviera Dr. Ft. Worth, TX 76180 Phone: (817) 282-1151 . . . Read More

Kellie Habeeb
USA Roller Sports (USARS) has partnered with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to bring you the Olympic Xcel Card (OXL).  The cost of the USA Roller Sports OXL membership card is $35.00.  The OXL card . . . Read More

dingbat Elections Notice 2004 - Deadline Extended For Nominations of Hockey Athlete
Because no hockey athlete nominations were received by the January 15 deadline for that open position on the USARS Board of Directors, the deadline has been extended to March 1 for eligible hockey nominees. . . . Read More

dingbat USA Roller Sports National Competitors Receive $4000 Scholarship from the Amateur Skating Foundation
George Pickard
Three scholarship awards of $4,000 each, for a total of $12,000, was established by the United States Foundation for Amateur Roller Skating for the year of 2003, which continues a practice that was initiated in . . . Read More

dingbat Thank You For Supporting The Pan American Movement
Dear USA Roller Sports Members, The leadership of USA Roller Sports would like to thank you for all of your efforts over the past few months.  The letters and emails sent to the US Congress have had a . . . Read More

dingbat Richard Hawkins Accepts Role as Executive Director of USA Roller Sports
Kellie Habeeb
LINCOLN, Neb. – Former Speed Skating Director, Richard Hawkins, has accepted the Executive Director position with USA Roller Sports (USARS). Richard Hawkins, from Pensacola, Fla., was active in the Southern . . . Read More

dingbat Senator Spector Rolls for the Gold in Roller Sports
On September 23, 2003, on behalf of the U.S. Pan American Sports and Athlete’s, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania objected to the passage of S.1404, the Senate USOC Reform Bill.  After objecting to the . . . Read More

dingbat USA Roller Sports Scholarship Fund
Contact: Ken Hobza - 402.483.7551/
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION The U.S. Foundation for Amateur Roller Skating will offer three $4,000 annual educational scholarships. Scholarship opportunities are open to all three . . . Read More

dingbat Board of Directors - Budd Van Roekel Recognized for 30 Years of Service
George Kolibaba, President of USA Roller Sports, presents Gordon B. "Budd" Van Roekel with a token of our appreciation for his 30 years of service on the USARS Board of Directors, starting as a founding member . . . Read More

dingbat Regional and State Chairs
USA ROLLER SPORTS FIGURE AND SPEED SKATING REGIONAL AND STATE CHAIRPERSONS AS OF 3/4/04 EASTERN REGION Steve Hinkle 30 Wyndham Road Voorhees, NJ  08043 Phone: (856) 767-3171 Email: . . . Read More

dingbat Derek Parra with Patrick Quinn - Reflections in the Ice
  USA Roller Sports is proud to have available Derek Parra’s newly published book, Reflections in the Ice for only $14.99.  Parra’s book is a touching biography and a perfect gift for the . . . Read More

dingbat OFFICIAL NOTICE - September 2003
USA ROLLER SPORTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING LINCOLN, NEBRASKA SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2003 First Draft - 10-9-03 The following actions resulted from the USA Roller Sports Annual Board of Directors . . . Read More

dingbat Official Notice - February 2003

dingbat Forms
Please click on an item below to view recent Forms features. 2005 National Figure Judge Application  Membership Application Junior Star Membership Application . . . Read More

dingbat About Coaching
Coaches are encouraged to join the USA Roller Sports Coaching Program, a service that involves a variety of education and certification levels.  Coaches benefit from knowing that they have the resources to be the . . . Read More

dingbat About Officals
When a club recieves permission to host a contest, it must enlist qualified officials for the event. Officials, including a meet director, must also be members of USA Roller Sports, and their qualifications are . . . Read More

dingbat About Upcoming Meets
In order to hold an offical meet with clubs outside of the host facility a club needs formal written permissin from USSA Rollar Sports, or, in other words, a sanction.  When USA Roller Sports issues this . . . Read More

dingbat Coaching Services Department
In 1992, USA Roller Sports (USARS) implemented what we believe to bo an important and useful program for roller skating coaches participating in our competitions.  USA Roller Sports Coaching Certification has . . . Read More

dingbat Eligibility, Cost &Benifits;
Eligibility Anyone can take out a USA Roller Sports coaches membership, provided they are over 18 years of age.  No other affiliation, membership or tenure is required, including affiliationwith a USA Roller . . . Read More

dingbat How to Become an Official
You must become a member with USA  Roller Sports.  You may accomplish this by purchasing either a competitive or non-competitiveamateur card or becoming a coach.  Amateur card fees are $35.00 and . . . Read More

dingbat Star Patch Program
Star Patch Program is ideal for the casual skater who wants to learn more about the sport of choice, but is not ready for the demands of structured lessons or competition.  Skaters need not belong to USA Roller . . . Read More

dingbat Why Register?
         "Why should i go through a program this involved.  At best, I'm a weekend coach."          "This sounds like a lot of . . . Read More

dingbat Wojnarowsky Memorial Scholarship
Wayne Wojnarowsky was killed in an automobile accident in October of 1999.  Wahyne was the embodiment of the dedicated roller skater, beginning as a competitor and evolving as a coach, a parent, a cluboffical and a . . . Read More

dingbat About USA Roller Sports Sponsorship
Logo/ID on Skater Uniforms/Costumes The following guidelines were passed by the USA Roller Sport Board of Directors at it's semi-annual meeting, February 22-23, 1992.  It was determined that sponsorship . . . Read More

dingbat Event and Organization Sponsorship
Skating in the United States With one out of five people in the United States skating in one form or another it is fair to say that skating today is not only a form of recreation, exercise or competitive sport, it . . . Read More

dingbat USARS General Contact Information
Mailing Address: USA Roller Sports 4730 South Street Lincoln, NE 68506 Telephone: (402) 483-7551 Fax: (402) 483-1465 USARS EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION Executive Director: . . . Read More

Kellie Habeeb - Editor
USA ROLLER SPORTS - THE MAGAZINE USA ROLLER SPORTS - The Magazine covers the very latest in National and International amatuer roller sports competitions including player profiles, sports shorts, training tips and . . . Read More

dingbat Indoor Contest Sanctions Application
Any competition host or organizer applying for a sanction with USA Roller Sports must specify at the time of application if any other sport organization will participate during or immediately before or after the event . . . Read More

dingbat USARS Officers, Board Members and Committees
By Kellie Habeeb
OFFICERS Officers Amended October-2003   Chairman of the Board & President: .................. George Kolibaba, Milwaukie, Oregon Vice President: . . . Read More

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