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[ Friday, Sept. 10, 1999 ]

Stickwomen to battle Old Dominion

Collegian Staff Writer

One week after Penn State's David beat North Carolina's Goliath, the Lady Lions field hockey team will face an equally daunting opponent.

Penn State, No. 6 in Sports Illustrated's preseason poll, travels this weekend to Norfolk, Va., to do battle with defending national champion Old Dominion 2 p.m. Saturday and NCAA Tournament-qualifier Northeastern 1 p.m. Sunday.

Both matches will take place at Old Dominion's Foreman Field.

The Lions will attempt to move on after their victory last weekend at home against the non-conference rival Tar Heels. Penn State won 1-0 on a Traci Anselmo goal with 4:06 remaining in the game.

Penn State field hockey coach Char Morett said her team's focus is targeted on this weekend.

"We sort of enjoyed that win," Morett said. "But we have to get as prepared as you can for Old Dominion."

Anselmo suggested the team came out a little flat early in the week, but is ready for the challenge Old Dominion brings.

"We're focused," Anselmo said. "We're excited."

Old Dominion (3-0, 2-0 CAA) meets the Lions on the field with a No. 2 ranking. The Monarchs are coming off a big win of their own, defeating No. 1 Maryland.

The Monarchs have largely outplayed their opponents this season, outscoring them 14-3 with two shutouts.

Junior Marina DiGiacomo netted five goals and 22 shots in three games, while their two seniors, Kim Miller and Ashleigh Miller, have recorded 12 points combined this season. On defense, goalkeeper Marybeth Freeman sees only 4.3 shots a game.

Northeastern (0-2) is a team searching for an identity.

The No. 9 Huskies have struggled early, losing their first two games of the season last weekend. On the road in Michigan, the Huskies have been outscored 7-2 by Michigan and Michigan State.

Providing half of Northeastern's offense this season had been last season's leading scorer, Julie Benson. Benson scored the lone goal for Huskies in their 3-1 loss to Michigan State.

Northeastern's freshman goalkeeper has been hammered early. After not allowing a goal her entire high school senior year, Emily Roy has faced 14 penalty corners and 38 shots on goal, for a 3.50 goals-against-average.

As always, co-captains Anselmo and Tracey Larson lead the Lions. Anselmo and Larson were named Big Ten Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week, respectively, for their play last weekend.

Anselmo received a second honor for her play, that of National Div. I Player of the Week. HockeyPoint, an Internet site that covers women's collegiate field hockey, awards the weekly honor.

"I only received it because of my teammates," Anselmo said. "I definitely didn't do it by myself."

Larson was not as modest regarding her teammate's play.

"Traci is such a clutch player," Larson said. "She can hit it, she can flick it, she can do it light. Whatever she needs to do, she'll do it."

The Lions next play at home, 7 p.m. Wednesday, as they host West Chester.

Field hockey

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