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Democracy Action Camp, August 2000 ruckus resources

Training Manuals

Action Planning Manual

Scouting Manual

Media Manual

Video Camera Tips

Climbing Manual

Climber's Knots Manual

Hanging Yourself from a Billboard

  Welcome to the Ruckus Training Manuals page. The manuals here offer a sampling of skills and knowledge that Ruckus strives to provide to activists.

The Action Planning Manual starts with an introduction to direct action, discusses the functions and symbolic nature of direct action, and provides steps for action development.

The Scouting Manual provides an to introduction scouting for direct action campaigning, discusses preparing for the scout, and enumerates the scouting checklist from A To Z. Additional topics include scouting Intermodal Freight Facilities (IFF's) and IFF scouting tips, as well as sections on container cranes, rail facilities, road and truck access, security, electronic scouting, and scouting timber ship actions. The final section discusses developing the action, including tactical tools.

The Media Manual provides an introduction how the news media works (or doesn't), and covers wire services, newspapers, radio, and television. A checklist for effective direct action media is included.

The Video Camera Tips covers a range of topics including batteries & tape, date & time / ends of tape, keeping your tapes organized, framing up and establishing, witnessing safely and effectively, civil disobedience, discretion and courtesy, getting good audio, telling a story, interviews, getting cutaways (visuals), and taking care of source tapes. Special thanks for this information to Whispered Media.

The Climbing Manual offers an introduction to basic concepts and safety with rope, anchors, and other gear. Additional coverage is given to gear care, knots for climbers, and anchor considerations. Techniques including ascending a fixed rope, using the prusick system, passing an obstruction on the ascent line, aetting up and rapelling in high anchor and low anchor situations, switching from ascending to repelling, and tree stirruping are all explained.

The Climber's Knots Manual provides an introduction to knot terminology, and then teaches the fisherman's knot, the bowline, the prusik, hitches, and the water knot.

The Hanging Yourself from a Billboard provides an overview of how to hang yourself from an urban structure. Please note the disclaimer!


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