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Well, here it is, the ultimate presumption-a page of my fic.  It's a home for my little efforts to date, all from the POV of Doggett or Reyes, so if you are not enamoured of these characters and have no intention of becoming so, please to not wade in my fishy pond.  You will scare the koi.

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All are rated PG unless otherwise noted.  So far, no graphic sex,violence or naked goat worship.  Each one follows the other.

Indian Summer -  Doggett and Reyes take over the X-Files and find they have a special gift in common, one which Doggett is reluctant to recognize. Reyes POV.

Rontenatanónhnha -The new partners investigate a multiple murder case in Montréal which has ties to a world of mysticism and magic.  Reyes POV.

House of Mirrors -  A day at the funhouse has Doggett thinking about his so-called life.  Doggett POV.

Storm Front -  Post-ep for "John Doe". Some rains come suddenly. Reyes POV. Rated G.


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