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Child Soldiers


There is a growing international consensus that the use of children as soldiers is unconscionable and must be brought to an end. An effective agenda to end the use of child soldiers includes the following elements:

  • A clear international agreement that prohibits the recruitment and participation in armed conflict of children under the age of eighteen.

  • Curbing the easy availability of small arms and eliminating military aid that facilitates the use of child soldiers by governments and military groups.

  • Strong and consistent pressure by governments, international agencies and the public against those governments and armed groups that recruit children for military service.

  • Demobilization and rehabilitation programs that offer former child soldiers the counseling and vocational training they need to rejoin civilian society and make a new life for themselves.

  • Reducing the risk of child recruitment by ensuring access to education and age documentation, facilitating the reunification of displaced children with their families, and supporting development programs to provide alternative sources of jobs and income.

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