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Half-Life 2D: Developer Interview
Translation by Tek, edited by SprayCan
Reproduced here with permission.
June 14, 2004

PC Games: How did you come up with the idea for Half-Life 2D - or better - Codename: Gordon, and since when have you been working on the game?
Bruns: Two people from our staff, namely Paul Kamma and Sönke Seidel thought it up. That was almost a year ago. When I saw the first version of their work, I liked what I saw, but thought it could use come improvement. That's why we took Gordon into our product pipe.

How much programming and design effort has been put into Codenname: Gordon, considering it is a promotional game?
If I were to name everyone that was involved then we would be here all evening, but as I mentioned above, Paul Kamma and Sönke Seidel were the two main people who worked on the project. The effort that was put into the game was gigantic For example, the game is crammed with little details, such as the doves flying away, cloud movement, little destroyable sand castles, water splashing and light effects ... I could go on endlessly.

How was contact with Valve established, and what was it like to work with them?
The original idea was to create C:G for the Gameboy Advance, but we wanted to demonstrate our plans to Valve first. So we filled a large package with three "almost-lifesize" Gordon board figures, where each onscreen pixel was about a square centimeter in area, a small GBA with Codename Gordon on its screen, a list of the internet traffic that had been generated by to demonstrate the interest of the fans, and of course the prototype of C:G, which we then sent to Valve. It soon became clear they liked it as much as we did! The co-operation was amazing, and very enjoyable. There were several phone calls and many more e-mails. Really nice and and funny people - I only wish it were this easy to co-operate with every other company out there! Here I'd like to make a special comment for Doug Wood, who personally oversaw everything on Valve's side of the project.

"Funny, but extremely short" was the first impression a lot of gamers had. Will there be additional episodes of Half-Life 2D, and what can we expect from a sequel if one is planned?
That's exactly the first impression we wanted to achieve. We haven't talked about plans for the future yet, seeing as the game has only recently been released. Having said that, we'd sure have a lot of fun with the creation of a sequel.

Do you plan on doing "Jump & Run" variants of other games as well, for example Doom3?
We havn't moved any further than discussing the idea, because there are other major projects ahead of us. But now that we have gained some experience in this genre, we will be sure to create something similar sometime in the future. If a publisher wants a "Jump & Run" varient of their game from us, all they have to do is contact us and we will create one.

At the moment, you are currently busy with the development of 'Psychotoxic'. Has C:G been a freetime project, or has Valve supported you financially?
A lot of freetime was put into the project, but anyone who works a 70-hours week, and still like games, will keep on going even after a full day of work.

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