Weapons Factory for Half-life

Weapons Factory (WF) is a Capture the Flag (CTF) game which offers more variety than basic CTF. WF has player classes and a much broader selection of weaponry than most CTF mods. In addition, you spawn fully armed, armored, and ammo'ed. There is no need to hunt for resources. You have everything from the instant you spawn. Even better, if you get splattered, you respawn fully loaded once more. You don't lose anything for getting fragged nor do you have to wait for a round to be over before respawning. When you die, you're thrown right back into the action ready to seek revenge.

WF allows both individual play and team play. Your team will not be prevented from scoring just because you don't have someone playing a particular class as the levels are designed to allow full access to any of the classes. However, even though you could play as the Lone Ranger, a coordinated team effort will do much better in the long run.

WF currently has 7 player classes. Some are good at offense, others are better suited to defense. Each has their own special weapons needed to do their job. All of the classes are capable of doing some serious damage in their own special way. Check out the player manual for details on the player classes.

For those wishing to get some practice playing WF before going online, you can master your skills by playing against the built-in bots which are part of WF. They will do their best to give you a good fight.

In addition to integrated bot support, WF also supports fog effects and allows some of your favorite monsters from the original single-player version of HL to join in the fun. The monsters understand teamplay and will attack trespassers in your team's base.

And if all this fun isn't enough for you, then fire up WF in single-player mode and run through the original HL game as Psycho Gordon with overwhelming firepower just for the hell of it. The single-player mode gives you a selection of some of the meanest weaponry from the multiplayer version of WF. Best of all, you get all of the weapons from the very first moment as you step onto the train at the start of the game. Even better, the ammo regenerates so don't worry if you're feeling a bit trigger happy. Think of it - You no longer have to take any flak from those smart-ass scientists or from 'the man' Barney. You can rid the world of those ridiculous ties once and for all. What are you waiting for?