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Be HIP at the Movies
  1. Singapore, 27 July 2004 – Senior Minister for State for Law and Home Affairs Professor Ho Peng Kee today launched Singapore’s latest anti-piracy initiative at the Arts House, former Parliament House.

  2. A joint initiative by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), the new 45-second anti-piracy trailer will be screened in all cinemas starting 29th July (Thursday). This collaboration is also strongly supported by both the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Singapore and the Cinematograph Film Exhibitors Association.

  3. Speaking at the event, Senior Minister for State Ho Peng Kee highlighted that the initiative is important as it helps to remind all Singaporeans how intellectual property (IP) affects our lives and why we all need to respect and reward IP creators.

  4. “IP is all around us. Whether it is a fancy gadget, a household brand or music and movies, someone invested time and effort to create it and owns the IP in it. Take movies for example. For us in Singapore, they have become a way of life. We need to realise that it takes numerous parties working endless 18-hour days to bring to us a unique piece of movie magic. A movie is a pure creativity in action and one hundred percent IP. These creators deserve our support and be rewarded for their efforts,” he said.

  5. Featuring scenes of everyday lives, the trailer aims to send out the following message:

    You wouldn't steal a Car.
    You wouldn't steal a Handbag.
    You wouldn't steal a Mobile Phone.
    You wouldn't steal a Movie.
    Movie Piracy is Stealing.
    Stealing is Against the Law.
    Piracy. It's A Crime.

  6. Ms Liew Woon Yin, Director-General for IPOS said the tie-up with MPA is the first in a number of industry partnerships that IPOS will be embarking on in coming months to promote its “Say NO! to Piracy” message through its new HIP (Honour IP) Alliance branding.

  7. “This movie trailer encourages movie-goers to “Say NO! to Piracy”. By supporting real movies, people will be supporting Singapore’s own movie industry, local actors, and local producers,” she said.

  8. Mr Frank Rittman, Vice President (Asia Pacific) for MPA said he welcomed the opportunity to partner with the Government to raise awareness of IP and support its anti-piracy outreach programme.

  9. “Very simply, without intellectual property protection, in the form of copyright laws and associated enforcement, there would be no movie industry, and we would not be able to enjoy an evening or Saturday afternoon at the movies,” Mr Rittman said.

  10. MPA’s Singapore trailer is the latest to be launched in the region following similar debuts in Australia and Malaysia. The launch of the anti-piracy trailer also coincides with the blockbuster movie premiere of the Chinese production, The House of Flying Daggers.

  11. IPOS also unveiled a new logo for the HIP Alliance, encouraging Singapore to “Be Creative, Be Original, Be HIP” – Honour IP and Live for REAL. The new HIP logo uses two symbolic icons of authenticity – the fingerprint and an eye, backed by hip colours green, orange and purple. The new HIP Alliance logo will be featured on the “Say NO! to piracy” cinema trailers.

For media enquiry, please contact:

Jennifer Chen
Assistant Director

Media & MARCOM
DID (65) 6331 6548
HP (65) 9369 1839
Fax (65) 6331 6562
Email: Jennifer_Chen@ipos.gov.sg

Florence Ang
PR Consultant for MPA

Red Dawn Communications
HP (65) 9691 1404
Fax (65) 6583 0829

About IPOS

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore or IPOS is the lead government agency that formulates and regulates Intellectual Property (IP) laws, promotes IP awareness and provides the infrastructure to facilitate the greater development of IP in Singapore. With IP fast becoming a critical resource in today’s new economy, IPOS’s vision is to foster a creative Singapore where ideas and intellectual efforts are valued, developed and exploited. Formerly known as the Registry of Trade Marks and Patents, IPOS was established as a statutory board of the Ministry of Law on 1 April 2001. More information on IPOS can be found on www.ipos.gov.sg.

About HIP

HIP stands for Honour Intellectual Property. The HIP Alliance is a group of Government agencies, private organisations and industry associations with a common interest in pursuing the need for education on IP. In partnership with the IPOS, the HIP Alliance is teaching people to respect and reward original creative works by Saying No! to Piracy. By urging Singapore to Saying No! to Piracy, the HIP Alliance and IPOS are encouraging people to Be original, Be Creative, Be HIP and Live for Real.

Current HIP Alliance members include:

1. Business Software Alliance
2. International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC)
3. The Copyright Licensing and Administration Society of Singapore Limited (CLASS)
4. Composers and Authors Society of Singapore Pte Ltd (COMPASS)
5. Electronic Arts
6. Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)
7. Microsoft Singapore Pte Ltd
8. Singapore Ministry of Education
9. Nokia Pte Ltd
10. Recording Industry Association (Singapore)
11. Singapore Police Force (Intellectual Property Rights Branch)
12. Interactive Digital Software Association
13. Motion Picture Association
14. Music Publishers (S) Ltd
15 Cinenow Pte Ltd
16 Alliance Entertainment Ltd

About MPA

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) represents the interests of major motion picture companies in the global marketplace. On behalf of its Member Companies, the MPA conducts investigations around the world, assists with the criminal and civil litigation generated by such cases, and conducts education outreach programs to teach movie fans around the world about the harmful effects of piracy. The MPA directs its worldwide anti-piracy operations from its headquarters based in Encino, California and has regional offices located in Brussels (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Mexico City (Latin America), Montreal (Canada) and Singapore (Asia-Pacific). The MPA's anti-piracy activities have helped to transform entire markets from pirate to legitimate, benefitting video distributors, retailers and foreign filmmakers alike. The MPA Member Companies include: Buena Vista International, Inc.; Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International, Inc.; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Twentieth Century Fox International Corporation; Universal International Films, Inc.; and Warner Bros. Pictures International.