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While trapped in Mary's basement, an inebriated John and Evangeline make love. John and Evangeline are freed from the basement by Mary, who returns to Llanview with them and gives a description of the man she saw harassing her late boyfriend. Antonio recognizes a sketch of the man Mary described as being an associate of Sonia's. After receiving another anonymous note questioning Ace's paternity, Kevin implores Kelly to tell him what she's hiding. When Kelly evades, Kevin surmises that he isn't Ace's father after all. Blair and Todd trick Margaret into confessing that she lied about sleeping with Todd and about Todd stealing files from Buchanan Enterprises. Margaret admits the truth to Kevin, who fires her. Kelly accuses Todd of sending the anonymous notes to Kevin. David questions Dorian about her mysterious injuries. In order to keep his undercover work alive, Antonio tells Jessica that he's having an affair with Sonia. Antonio explains the situation to Bo, who agrees Jessica can't know the truth.
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