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Marineland's Patented BIO-Wheel
A Wet/Dry Revolution

Every closed aquatic life system must include a culture of beneficial bacteria to biologically eliminate toxic ammonia from aquarium water.

In nature, natural biological activity does the job, but in a closed aquarium environment, the nitrogen cycle - the biochemical conversion of ammonia and nitrite into harmless nitrate - must be effectively managed.

BIO-Wheel Keeps It Simple.
Nature's solution is simple. So is ours. Water flow drives the BIO-Wheel. As the BIO-Wheel rotates, beneficial bacteria grow and thrive on its surface. Nourished by oxygen, the bacteria eliminate more ammonia and nitrite with every turn. The result is healthy, crystal clear water.

BIO-Wheel Is Reliable.
Trapped waste restricts water flow through submerged biological filters such as foams, sponges, UGFs and fluidized bed filters. Ultimately they clog, deteriorate and require service or replacement. What's more, trickle and undergravel filters tend to inefficiently channel water, bypassing filtration media entirely.

BIO-Wheel never clogs, never needs replacing, and requires virtually no maintenance.It utilizes its entire surface area for biological filtration. That means superior, reliable performance for the life of your system - freshwater or marine.

BIO-Wheel Performs.
When submerged filters clog, oxygen levels drop and water quality suffer. That's because frames, foams, fluidized beds, UGFs and other submerged biomedia expose ammonia fighting bacteria only to the small amounts of oxygen in the water. They consume oxygen that would otherwise be available to your fish.

BIO-Wheel never competes with your fish for oxygen. It exposes beneficial bacteria to both water and air, which means far more much as 30,000 times more. More oxygen means more bacteria working many times harder (and many times faster) to keep your tank ammonia-free and sparkling. No breakdowns, no filtration other biological filter can match that.

BIO-Wheel Does It Better.
Revolutionary BIO-Wheel technology is the core component in virtually everything we do. It's superior biological filtration...a prime example of the innovative expertise that continues to be the trademark of Marineland.

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