A Wish For Marilynne, featured band for July

AWFM formed two years ago in Ocala and is a blend of Screamo, Hardcore and Emo.

AWFM is Jarod Falck -Guitarist, London Bufford -Drums, Andrew Wade- Guitar/Lead Vocals, and Ben Wade- Bass/Vocals

interview with Ben Wade, AWFM Bassist.

How would you describe A Wish for Marilynne?
A mission field to reach people our age with something they love and we love, and a creative outlet for us musically, spiritually, and emotionally 

What do you play/do in the band?
I play bass guitar and sing backup vocals, as well as right most of the lyrics

Where were you born?
I was born in Gainesville Florida at Alachua General Hospital

Where is your hometown?
I’ve lived in Ocala Florida since I was 1, and that is where I call home

Who came up with the name of your band?
I did, when we first started out we knew two things about where the band was going – we were going to be Christian and we were going to be emo – so I wanted a name to go with our style but I didn’t want people to hear the name and say “Oh they’re Christian they’re no good” so I came up with a somewhat neutral name that matched our style. Well the fact that the name didn’t mean anything gave it it’s meaning – for us Marilynne represents all the people that would not listen to us before hearing us so we have a wish for Marilynne that they would listen to us with an unbiased opinion and hear what we have to say before laying judgment.

What are some of your favorite bands?
Thursday, Thrice, Albert React, Dead Poetic, Underoath, Emery, Brand New, etc. the list goes on forever!

Who musically influences awfm?
Our biggest influence is a spiritual one so in that respect I would have to say God, but musically we take things into our own hands for the most part – we shoot for originality and would rather define our music by our own standards than someone else’s.

Do you have a role model?
Well every time somebody asks me that I can only think of people with Christ-like qualities that are my role models so my ultimate role model would definitely have to be Christ

How long have you been a Christian?
17 years

Do you have anything to say to motivate people to listen to awfm?
Just that we play music that we love and we hope that any one who hears it love’s it too, you can check us out on awfm.net if you want to
Who makes the best fast food?

I would definitely have to go with Burger King


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AWFM Shows

- July 8 @ Central Christian Church in Ocala, FL. With Fireflight, Manifest, and Stronghold 18:2. Cost is $5. Starts at 7:00pm.

- July 16 @ First Assembly of Belleview in Belleview, FL. With There For Tomorrow and This Is My Rifle. 7:00-10:00pm. Free!!

- July 31 @ TBA in Floral City, FL. More info coming soon.


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