Jade Sutherland
played by Kate Garven

Jade is the quieter of the Sutherland twins. She's the dreamy one. The one you'll probably find with her head in a book and, like her mum, always keen to help those less fortunate.

The second twin, Jade was born underweight and with complications. Still the fragile member of the family, the rest of the Sutherlands treat the vulnerable looking Jade as though a gust of wind could blow her over.

She's been plagued with asthma since she was a toddler and is susceptible to all kinds of illnesses. If there's something going round, you can be sure Jade will get it.

While she might look fragile, Jade is stronger that many people realise. She knows what she likes - and doesn't! Beware the person who tries to get her to do anything she doesn't want to. Jade also knows how to play on her fragile nature – and has been known to get away with absolute murder!

Unlike her sister, Dani, Jade was happy to move to Summer Bay. A bit of a water baby, she had always wanted to live by the sea. Put into ballet classes from a young age to help with her asthma, Jade dreams of being a professional dancer when she leaves school.


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