Matilda Hunter
played by Indiana Evans

Beth and Jack Hunter's youngest offspring are twins, and they're going through a "difficult phase". Until 2 years or so ago, they were simple country kids who lived on a farm and went to the local school. They loved horses, farm life, board games, sleepovers, camp-outs, and all the things other country kids love.

When Jack decided there was no future on the land, and his kids needed to go away to the city to boarding school, he chose schools which were really out of his price range, frequented by the children of people out of his social status.

Thus, the normally good natured Matilda and Henry turned (temporarily at least) into the twins from hell.

Matilda became a snob, mixing with girls her father would have soon cut down to size, adopting vegetarianism as a fad. She has a great need for acceptance but has become "precious" - despising Rhys and the idea of living in a caravan park as being beneath her. Her insecurities are hidden by a sense of boredom and a drama queen approach to life in general.

But scratch the surface and she's very much Beth's daughter - fun loving, understanding - but with more dreams and aspirations than either of her parents would ever suspect. There's a bit of an actress in Matilda - she knows how to get attention, and sometimes she creates new "masks" for herself to hide behind because she still hasn't really got over losing her dad, as well as the farm she loved so much. But when the chips are down she will defend her family and fight off the enemy like a terrier. She's a loyal friend and a dangerous enemy.

She LOVES music, movies and horse riding, and has a weak spot for animals of every kind. But she's got little tolerance on the surface for Max or anyone with the name Sutherland. It will be hard for her to go back to being a simple kid from the country. She'll fight it long and hard. But eventually she will come to love Summer Bay as deeply as she loved the farm she was born on.

The twins adore Beth, but initially feel they have been abandoned, so they act out. Rhys has to prove to them he is good enough for their mother and capable of filling Jack's shoes.


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