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F&J Board of Directors

Mouffa Nahhas

D-FW – Business Owner - Politically active for over 10 years, mostly through American Muslim Alliance (AMA).  Emigrated from Syria in 1969 to Austin, and has many achievements both in Austin and Arlington where he now resides.  Currently serving Vice-President at Dar El-Salaam Islamic Center in Arlington, TX.  Married with three children.

Mohamed Elibiary

D-FW – I. T. - Politically activism started more than 10 years ago, but not under any Muslim organization until 2002 when he became CAIR-DFW’s Political Activities Coordinator.  Grew up in Dallas, and currently also serves as President of F&J.  Married 8+ years with two children.

Amir Quraishi

D-FW – I. T. - Deputy Voter Registrar who led many voter-registration drives in Plano, TX.  Married with three children.

Farha Ahmed

Houston – Lawyer- Politically active for over 10 years under several organizations.  Currently serves as General Counsel of the Muslim American Republican Caucus (MARC).  She was the original proponent of HB 470, Texas Halal Bill; which passed and is now law effective September 1, 2003.

Sahar Aziz

Austin – Last year of Law School – She has been an all around social activist for well over 10 years.  She grew up in Dallas, and currently is active monitoring legislation for ADC-Austin.  Currently serves as F&J’s Public Affairs Coordinator, based in Austin. 

Adnan Khawaja

Houston - Business Owner - activists from the Southeast region of Houston for many years.  Formally a Board Member in CAIR-Houston and Chairman of CAIR-Houston’s Media Committee.

Imad Ahmed

Austin – I. T. – Currently serving as Chairman of CAIR-Austin.  Imad was one of the main organizers for Austin's Muslim Voter Picnic in 2002.  He also came up with an Austin Muslim voters guide for last November’s elections (’02) as well as this past May's municipal elections(’03).  He has extensive voter registration drive experience in Austin, and during this past Mayoral Candidate session (’03) candidate forum.

Omar Hernandez

El Paso – Business – Community activist and Vice-President at the El Paso Islamic Center. 

Dr. Tarek Hussain

Houston – Medical Doctor – Community activist from the Southeast and currently serves as President of CAIR-Houston.

Nehal Elramly

D-FW - Public School Teacher - Grew up in Southern California but has been residing in Texas since 1996.  She is working to encourage political activism among Muslim women in the D-FW area.  She has also been married for over 8 years and has 2 daughters.


F&J’s Officers

President Mohamed Elibiary 
Director of Communications and Research Saadia Ahmed 
Public Affairs Coordinator Sahar Aziz
Coordinator of Member Services Nehal Elramly
Coordinator of IT Services Ahmer Sawani
Events Coordinator Shahzeb Gaziani
North Texas Mosque Coordinator Hossam Hmimy


·        The Freedom and Justice Foundation was founded in November 2002 by a group of political activists seeking better coordination and less duplication of efforts around the State of Texas.

·        The Freedom and Justice Foundation is an individual membership funded organizations incorporated in Texas as an educational non-profit.  Membership in F&J is open to all Americans.  F&J’s current membership includes a broad spectrum of racial and religious affiliations.

·        The Freedom and Justice Foundation’s current Board of Directors was appointed by its founding and present members.  Beginning in 2005 the entire Board of Directors will be publicly elected by the organization's membership. 


Bylaws of the Freedom and Justice Foundation may be downloaded [here].


Complete financial disclosure is very important to the Freedom and Justice Foundation, therefore we plan to publicly publish our Annual report beginning with our 2004 fiscal year by the end of Q1 of 2005.  Further requests may be directed to the Foundation at  

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