Kate Garven
plays Jade Sutherland

Born on the 18th February 1986 in Sydney, Kate Garven joined Home and Away as Jade Sutherland.

This is Kate's first television role and she was thrilled when she got the part.

"Working on Home and Away is so much fun. The cast are great and they have made me feel like I am already part of the gang", she says.

Kate plays Jade Sutherland who moves to Summer Bay with her family from the city. Her parents Rhys (Michael Beckley) and Shelley (Paula Forrest) want their children to have a better lifestyle and decide to make the move.

Jade has two sisters, one a twin- Kirsty (Christie Hayes) and her older sister Dani (Tammin Sursok). Like all kids, this has been a major adjustment time for all the girls, having to leave all their friends behind and move to a place where everybody knows your business and the pace is that little bit slower.

Jade is pretty easygoing and adapts to the situation she is in.

"I think she is a nice person and a very sweet girl. She can be a little flighty and she always talks too much. She tends to babble on but genuinely cares for people", she says of her character.

Kate feels like she has adopted an instant family.

"We all get along so well and when we are on set we feel like a real family. I do spend so much time with the other girls and Michael and Paula. They are my second family".

Kate now studies by correspondence due to her Home and Away workload. She enjoys Design and Technology and English.

While this is her first television role, Kate has done numerous commercials since the age of 7. Kate has always had a passion for acting and did some courses at the Sydney Talent Company.

Kate has been dancing for the most part of her life. She started ballet when she 3 years of age and just started jazz this year.

In 1999 Kate was a finalist for the IA awards for ballet.

Kate lives at home with her mum, dad, older sister Emma (22), brother Matthew (19) and her other sister Lisa (16).

They share their home with their pets Mitsey, a beagle poodle, their cat Tilly and a peacock called Andrew. Kate is fortunate enough to live on 25 acres.

In her spare time Kate enjoys chatting on the Internet and listening to music. She says her musical tastes change all the time, but right now she is listening to Blink 1 8 2.

She also enjoys dancing of course and hanging out with her friends.

Kate's favourite actress is Drew Barrymore and favourite actor is Freddy Prinze Jnr.


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