Family Background

Michael's father, Ned Nasser Bonheur, immigrated to America in 1950 from Tehran, Iran, where he was born in 1935. He began his life in the U.S. with a few borrowed dollars and no knowledge of English, but with a strong desire to work, learn, and succeed.

He simultaneously went to school, learned English, and worked several jobs to support himself. Among these jobs, he was a maintenance and sanitation worker at schools and summer camps, and a construction worker and sandblaster at the Eisenhower Lock in upstate Massena, New York.

After graduating from Wilkes College in Pennsylvania, he began a job as night bookkeeper at Bank of America in New York City. For the next 28 years he built his career at Bank of America, rising to positions of significant responsibility.

Michael's mother, Edda Esther Bonheur, was born in the town of Danli, Honduras. She went to school in Honduras and college in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While still single she worked in public relations. Once married, most of her time was devoted to raising her children and managing family affairs. She has often been involved with The International Women's Club in the cities where the family lived, often as president of the organization.

Mr. and Mrs. Bonheur, both long-time U.S. citizens, met while he was working for Bank of America in Latin America. They live in Connecticut.

Michael's brother, James Andrew, was born in New York in 1971 and is a medical doctor.

His sister, Romina Marie, was born in New York in 1975 and works in public relations.

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