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Make an Asteroid Belt


In between the planets Mars and Jupiter, there is a place called the asteroid belt. Does it hold the solar system's pants up? No. It is a place where the asteroids hang out. Asteroids are small rocks in space. They may be leftovers from when the solar system formed. Asteroids can be as small as a few feet. They can be as big as hundreds of miles.

You can make an "asteroid belt" to wear. It won't be made of real asteroids. But it might look cool with your jeans.

What you need:
Here's what you do:

1. Lay the belt out on the table.

2. Choose a bead or a pebble. Glue it on the belt with a drop of glue.

3. Glue another bead or pebble on the belt until you have as many as you want on it.
Girl sitting at a table and gluing pebbles onto a belt
4. Wait for the glue to dry. Girl leaning on her left elbow looking at her asteroid belt as it dries
5. Wait some more until it is very dry. Girl leaning on her right elbow looking at her asteroid belt as it dries

6. Wear the asteroid belt with your best outfit.

Girl wearing red t-shirt and jeans with her new belt

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