Raster Driver
High Performance Driver for
JBIG Printing Systems
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The Zoran Raster Driver for page printers is a high performance software solution for use with JBIG based color and monochrome printing systems. In the past, only monolithic drivers met OEM's requirements for features, customization, performance and print quality. By extending the capabilities of the standard Microsoft UniDRV included in Windows 2000/XP, Zoran's solution provides all the features and flexibility and eliminates the requirement for developing both, monolithic and UniDRV based drivers in parallel. Zoran drivers can be easily integrated with OEM's specific designs.

Driver Benefits

  • Conforms to MS-UniDRV - Architecture Fully Windows compatible and WHQL compliant
  • User Interface Plug-In - Full customization capabilities and control over UI design
  • Feature Plug-In - Provides additional features to MS-UniDRV
  • Render Plug-In - High fidelity color and quality, object specific rendering and halftoning
  • BiDi Status Display - Interactive communication with the user, web linkable
  • Easy to Localize - Single code base for worldwide applications, only one distributable

Key Features

  • A common code base supports Windows 2000 and XP.
  • User Interface Plug-In provides all the functionality required to create a fully featured, user interface.
  • Feature Plug-In include: page and device preview, watermark generation, n-up formatting, booklet printing, reverse ordering, manual duplex, scaling/poster printing, and more.
  • Render Plug-In enhances the quality of image processing. Object recognition enables the DLL to determine whether an object is text, vector graphics or bitmap.
  • Easy integration of OEM proprietary color management, halftone algorithms and screens.
  • Language monitor is implemented as a Pop-up with Toolbar icon and keeps the user informed about the device status.
  • Integrated high speed, assembler optimized, JBIG compression module.
  • Available in all 32 native UniDRV languages.
  • Zoran Raster Driver, UI, Render and Feature Plug-In development environment is integrated into MS-Visual Studio.NET V.7.0.

Introduction - Raster Printing
As printer prices continue to decline, and page rates and capabilities continue to advance, intense pressure is placed on the manufacturers that serve these markets. Zoran offers a solution to the price performance issue by enabling OEMs to design systems around the GDI or Raster printing concept. In combination with Zoran's SOC's, like the OTI-4110™, OEM's have access to a fast time to market hardware / software solution.

Raster printing systems are characterized by their efficient use of host platform resources, reducing the cost and complexity of printer controller electronics. This model is prevalent in the inkjet market today, and due to advances in CPU horse-power at the PC level, is now capable of sustaining the additional demands of a laser engine.

Storing only highly compressed print data before writing it to the page 'on-the-fly', the printer controller design now requires only minimal memory system.

Zoran's Raster Driver Platform
Zoran's Raster Driver is specifically designed to comply with Microsoft's Printing Architecture to ensure complete compatibility with Windows operating systems. It is taking full advantage of Standard Windows spool system, I/O architecture and OS supplied components. Rendered data is formatted prior to being passed to the operating system print manager. The driver supports both color and monochrome outputs in either bitonal or contone formats, using the ITU standard JBIG compression format to efficiently encode the printer data. Driver code is highly optimized to provide the performance required by today's high speed print devices and low cost color page printers. In fact, monochrome page rates of more than 50 PPM at 600 DPI can be achieved on a typical desktop system.

Zoran User Interface Plug-In
Full customization of the driver's user interface is provided by the User Interface Plug-In. Various kinds of different OEM custom designs are possible, rich graphics in the UI, such as logos, printer configuration images, page preview, etc. are standard functionality. The UI is controlled through a combination of ODF/GPD scripts and can be switched between standard UniDRV tree view and OEM specific dialogs. Multi language capabilities enable the OEM to ship one driver binary for multiple languages. Dialog languages and strings are dynamic. Dialog box orientation is automatically adjusted to the proper format, left to right and right to left, one single resource and design.

Zoran Feature Plug-In
Features not natively supported by the UniDRV are implemented using advanced controls and processing options in the Feature Plug-In:

  • An enhanced Page Preview allows the user to see at a glance what print options are active, (i.e. n-up, watermarks, booklet printing, binding options and much more)

  • Printer Configuration bitmap reflects the current hardware configuration of the printer and the selected settings

  • Manual Duplex and Reverse Print Order provide double sided printing without a mechanical duplexing device installed in the printer

  • Document Transformation functions add functionality on top of application features, including zooming, watermarks, n-up, booklet and more

Zoran Render Plug-In
Print quality superior to UniDRV is achieved through the Render Plug-In DLL. This plug-in is responsible for providing high quality image processing beyond the capabilities of UniDRV. To further enhance OEM's products, this plug-in provides high speed state of the art algorithms and high fidelity color processing utilizing ICM for color management.
OEM proprietary color management systems and halftones can be implemented as an alternative or an addition to ICM. This unique feature enables OEM's to protect and retain their intellectual property and re-use many man-years of research in a UniDRV based driver solution.
Through object recognition and object specific rendering it can be determined whether an object is text, vector graphics or bitmap. Then each object type can be rendered using a specific method:

  • Black Plane Separation and Object dependent black generation, CMY (composite black) for graphics or K (black only) for text

  • Object specific halftoning and gamma control is important when vector, images and text are mixed on the same page

Halftoning can be engine, resolution and bit-depth specific. Bit-depth conversion is performed from internal 8x8x8 RGB to engine/controller specific bit depth and the number of engine marking colors.

The JBIG compression module is assembler optimized to generate an extremely compact data stream that can be sent over any standard port. The compression module takes advantage of white space skip, black plane separation and features in Zoran's line of System on a Chip (SOC) solutions.

BiDi Language Monitor and BiDi Status Display
A Pop-up with Toolbar icon keeps the user informed about the device status when user intervention is required. It provides full assistance to the user on how to recover from an error. Pop-up's can be designed as HTTP or Web pages. Communication with the Language Monitor is continuous to accurately provide device status. Device settings and equipment list enable automatic configuration of the driver. Buffering of binary print data ensures full jam recovery without re-rending the job.

Printer Driver Installer
The 'Add-Printer' Wizard is the preferred method of installing a driver. Zoran installer extensions are fully WHQL compatible. Besides installing the printer driver in the required UI language, additional tasks, such as WEB registration, display of a README file, invocation of other installers can be performed.


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