Daren's Unusual Book Tittles



Titles / Author

Yellow Rivers on the Wall / I.P. Freely

Under the Grandstands / Seemore Butts

Green Spots on the Sidewalk / Pickem Ill. Flickem

Brown Spots on the Great Wall of China/ Who Flung Poo

Running for the Outhouse Vol.1/ Willy Makeit

Running for the Outhouse Vol. 2 / Betty Wont

Running for the Outhouse Vol. 3 / Betty Will

Running for the Outhouse Vol. 4 / Justin Thyme

Puddle on the Floor/ Noah Dident

Plowing the Fields / Dusty Face

In the Barley Vol. 1/ Iven Toitch

In the Barley Vol.2 / Ima Scratcher

Life in the Rodeo / Buck Higher

The Art of the Equestrians/ Horace Jumping

Food Poisoning and Botulism / Chuck A. Lott

Travel Tips / Hugo Anywhere

Skydiving / Hugo First

Striptease / Fanny Dancer

Cooking at the Nudist Colony / Buff Baker

Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Parents / I. C. Starrs

I Was an Offensive Lineman / Armand Footpew

How To Be A Macho Man/ Chester O'Hare

Do it Yourself Carpentry/ Harry O'Toole

Winning Your Lawsuits / Sue Formore

Diet Tips / Skip A. Meal

Oral Hygiene and What it Means / Pearl E. Teeth

You and Your Dentures / Polly Grip

Haunting Stories / Rusty Hinge

Gear Jamming; Life as a Trucker / Manual Shift

Through the Key Hole/ Tommy Peeper

Choose the Right Toupe/ Less Hair

Weather Forecasting Made Easy/ Windy Storms

Hurricanes and Tornados / Al Blowhard

Working in the Coal Mines / Blackie Lung

101 Tips on Tax Evasion / Lupe Hole

Tax Returns/ Iona Dollar

Rock Climbing/ Ty Grip

Pole Vaulting / Philipe Over

The History of Comedy/ Stan Dup

Formal Apparel/ Bo Tie

Grooming and Hair Care/ Dan D. Ruff, M.D.

Economy Cars / Miles Farther

Air Conditioning Done Easy/ Joe Cool

Simple Tire Repair / Jack Up

My Favorite Weed's / Dr. Dan D. Lyons

Plumbing for idiots / Lee K. Faucett

Mountaineering / Al Pine

Mental illness / Irma Strangeone

101 Ways To Embarrass Your Date/ Rudy Noises

Life on the Lone Prairie / Sage Brush

Fleas & Ticks/ Harry Dogg

Night Exposures / C. T. Lights

Deformed Babies/ Som Ting Wong

Famous Cartoon Sounds/ Joe Whack

Know Your Nose/ Tisha Shoo

A Cowards Life in the Revolution/ Ben Tarred Ill. Ann Feathered

Exotic Felines/ Bob Katt

101 Ways To Discipline Your Kids / Sore Tush

Skunk Hunting/ Pepe Le Pew

Iron Working/ Harvey Metal

101 Ways to Make a Fool Out of Yourself/ C. Lown

Great High Speed Chases of the Decade / I. D. Please

The History of the Guillotine / Heady Less

Skid Marks in My Shorts / Ineda Change

The HIstory of the A-Bomb / Noah Moore

Plant Care / Hortie Culture