Home & Away: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 10 questions we always get asked about Home and Away. And to answer the 11th question, in real life they’re all really nice!

1. Where does the name Home and Away come from?
Alan Bateman, the originator of the concept, came up with the title. The idea was centred around foster kids who, while they had found a new HOME with Tom and Pippa Fletcher, were nevertheless AWAY from their own parents.

2. I love a good wedding. Who has been married on the show?
Weddings are the staple of good soap operas, and Home and Away has had its fair share.
Alf and Ailsa renewed their vows.
Bobby and Frank were married for a while, although Bobby managed to fall in love again when she married Greg.
Ben and Carly had a beautiful wedding, as did Shane and Angel.
Pippa and Michael were married for a short while before Michael’s untimely death in the flood.
Marilyn and Fisher made a wonderful couple and were married exactly between the Catholic and Church of England churches in Summer Bay, so as to keep everyone happy.
Travis and Rebecca had a surprise wedding on the beach.
Chloe and James had a lovely wedding before Chloe left the Bay forever.
Then there were two weddings that nearly happened. Roo was all set to marry Frank, but he got cold feet at the very last minute and took off in his car. He had a serious car accident and was in a coma for several days.
Jesse and Kylie did get to the altar, but were interrupted by the police, who took her in for questioning for a crime she committed in her past.
Sally made it as far as the altar before Gypsy stopped her making the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Kieran.
Edward and Peta wed at home.
Sally was unlucky in the wedding stakes for a second time after breaking off her engagement to the dashing Doctor Luke. She fell for fellow teacher Brett. Unfortunately, this didn’t lead to wedding bells either. Will Sally ever make it to the altar? You’ll just have to wait and see…
The most recent wedding was between reformed larrikin Vinnie Patterson and resident chef extraordinaire Leah Poulos. Theirs was a wedding of crossed cultures, with a Greek theme and a Scottish kilt. Luckily, this is no highland fling. This is forever. Unfortunately, Vinnie's legal problems, or, more accurately, his father's, put an end to their married bliss when Vinnie was sent to jail. They're still married, just forced to live apart.
Who knows which Summer Bay residents will be next to tie the knot?

3. My brother reckons that there has been more than one Irene. Is he right?
Before Lynne McGranger played Irene, the character appeared as a guest and was played by Jacqui Phillips. There were also three Rebeccas and two Pippas! Due to illness, the production also had to recast Selina and Ailsa for a short time.

4. I remember Bobby and Shane dying – but how many other people have died on the show?
Pippa's first husband, Tom Fletcher (Roger Oakley), had a heart attack while driving, and her second husband, Michael, drowned.
Sophie's boyfriend, David (Guy Pearce), the school teacher, had a car accident.
Mr Fisher's son, Alan, had a brain haemorrhage.
A surfer was taken by a shark. Coincidentally, the surfer was actually played by Gregor Jordan, who went on to direct Two Hands.
Bobby was killed in a boating accident.
Laura (Claudia Buttazoni), the Italian exchange student, ran in front of a train.
Stephanie died in a hiking accident when she fell off a cliff.
Shane died as a result of blood poisoning.
Mud died in the bushfire.
Jesse's fiance, Kylie, died of a drug overdose in gaol.
Saul died in a fire (or did he?).
Byron, Fisher's baby son, died so young.
Meg, Blake's girlfriend (Cathy Godbold), died of leukemia.
Irene’s chance at happiness was short-lived after Ken’s tragic death. Ken was on the job when a faulty hydraulic jack slipped, resulting in Ken being crushed under a car.
During a mudslide, Gavin’s leg got caught under a beam. As he was trying to escape, a power pole crushed the crumbling Stewart house. Gavin never saw the light of day.
Ailsa Stewart suffered a heart attack after moving some boxes that Alf was meant to move. She died on the diner’s floor.
Charlotte Adams died after taking a dip in the Bay and nearly drowning. She was rescued by Josh West, but later died in hospital.

5. How can I get a part on the show?
The Home and Away producers are always casting for new roles. The show employs a casting agent, who looks through all prospective actors and then sends the producers a short list. Because of the pressure of putting the show to air each week, any pictures sent to the production office by fans aren’t considered. If you’re serious about wanting to be on Home and Away, you need to find an agent to help you. Home and Away doesn’t recommend any particular agents, but wishes you the best of luck in your acting career.

6. What about if I just want to be an extra?
Good question! Kristy Wright (Chloe) was discovered while working as an extra on Home and Away. Much like securing a part on the show, to become an extra you need an agent.

7. Why is Home and Away edited in England?
British censors are a little bit tougher than Australian ones.
Sometimes a storyline that is quite acceptable down under might be deemed too explicit for British audiences, so the offending scenes are cut. Sometimes the edits aren’t that noticeable, but there have been occasions where they have made the show downright confusing. One storyline called for Jack to hide in the boot of the car in order to sneak into the drive-in. When the kids left him in there for a joke, British censors called for a cut – but left in all the scenes of the kids talking to an anonymous voice in the back of the car!

8. Is the food they serve in the diner real, or do they just reuse the same food all the time?
Home and Away employs the services of a full-time cook, who not only makes the burgers in the diner, but special items like wedding cakes and roast dinners as well. The only time the food gets recycled is when the actors need multiple takes to get the scene right. When that happens, the drinks are repoured into their jugs and all the food is set back into place. It might be fresh, but it’s not always hot!
Sometimes the caterers even have to dish up the raw ingredients as well if the script calls for the actors to be cooking. The kitchen was super busy back when Pippa used to cook all the muffins and cakes for the diner!

9. Which countries screen Home and Away?
Australia, the majority of southeast Asian countries, Lithuania, Bahamas, Monaco, Belgium, Namibia, Bermuda, New Guinea, Bophuthatswana, New Zealand, British Forces – SSVC, Norway, Brunei, Poland, Canada, Romania, Caribbean, Seychelles, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Dubai, Spain, Catalonia, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Sweden, Ghana, Trinidad, Ireland, Turkey, Israel, United Kingdom, Jamaica, United States of America, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Latvia.

10. Who are the guys that sing the new opening titles? Can I get a copy of the music?
The new version of the Home and Away theme is performed by the Robertson Brothers, and they are the guys in the background of the opening titles. You can find it on the Home & Away soundtrack CD.

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