A Story of Artifact Entertainment

Author: Dionysis
The author is an enigma...

Once, a long, long time ago on a website far, far away I read about a great game ? and No, it?s not Star Wars Galaxies. The idea was a step beyond the rest, a truly next generation game complete with dragons, race-wars, and family systems – a living world. This game may have been a huge hit but the world will never know, its vision was never put to the test. Like many good ideas that are said to be, ?too ambitious, unattainable or too niche oriented? this game was squashed in its infancy, never given a chance to succeed. While the original concept was seen as too extreme a few of its more marketable and easily implemented parts were kept in a transformed final product. While the above may be a normal progression for a game, the next part is not ?the concepts, ideas and work of the original creator and founder of this company were stolen and his reputation forever tarnished. Sounds like a bad drama novel? Unfortunately it’s not, but it is a part of the gaming industry. A part that not many people hear about but it still exists.

This is the story behind the game Horizons and the company Artifact Entertainment. Read on to learn about Horizons creation, Artifact Entertainment, David Allen (DA), the blackout, the re-design and the final product you see on the shelves today.

Table Of Contents

Origin of this story
History of Artifact Entertainment
The Witch Burning
A Stormy Day For Horizons
Sinking Ship
A Change for Horizons
Bad Business
In The End
Original Horizons Materials

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